Have you ever bullied someone online or have been bullied?

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying-the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.

Fake twitters, fake instagram, or even just being mean to someone using technology is cruel and takes around 5,000 kids lives a year.

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-Mean text messages or emails

-Rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites

-Embarrassing pictures, videos, websites

-Fake profiles

-Making fake accounts with people involved in the profile

Cause and Effect

Cause: Kids who are bullied

Effect: depression, anxiety, and change in sleep and eating, some may even commit suicide if it is that bad

Cause: Kids who bully others

Effect: vandalize, getting onto fights, and tending to argue more with family

Cause: immature teens having time to make accounts as a joke.

Effect: Millions of kids miss school because of it, over 25% of kids think about suicide and thousands of kids a year die because of cyberbullying.


From our perspective, cyberbullying is the use of the media to get back at someone, or to be mean as a joke. Generally, this means accounts (ex: fake twitter accounts) are illegal. If you think these fake accounts are funny, or a good way to fit in, well tell that to the thousands that die a year because of it. Its illegal and so many people feel worthless because of it. Don't take advantages of the privileges you get!

  • Normally teenage girls are mostly to be cyberbullied
  • Over 20% of people have said that they have received a hurtful email or text message at least once a week
  • Over 70% of people have said that they have witnessed cyberbullying on a site and ignored it

That is just cyberbullying, but bullying is a whole different scenario.

How to stop it

Instagram has now decided to delete all fake/spam accounts by the end of December! Yay:)
  • Take advantage of the private button and use it
  • Don't give out personal information (, address, last name,)
  • Don't share your location
  • Don't give out your number
  • Don't let people you don't know follow you
  • Don't make accounts that aren't age appropriate or kid friendly
  • Block the user
  • Don't give in, if you respond to them then they know that they're bugging you and they will keep doing it
  • Report the user
  • Tell someone about it and maybe they can help shut the account down

Whats the worst that could really happen?

A teenage girl named Amanda todd killed herself because of cyberbullying. She went online to meet new friends as she ended up meeting a guy. This one guy, harassed her and pressured her into sending a picture of her shirtless. He made fake facebooks and accounts with her and her picture on them. As she got bullied more and more, she ended up being physically attacked. 30 days before suicide, she made a youtube account but instead of talking, she held up flashcards saying her story. "I have nobody. I need someone." There were facebook pages telling her to kill herself because nobody liked her. After moving cities, and schools 3 times she still ended up killing herself because of cyberbullying.
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Amanda todds video

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Not over the internet!

If you have an opinion about something, keep it to yourself! If its bothering you, say it in person nicely. If everyone came together, we could stop cyberbullying.