Sarah Bishop

By: Adam Stoy

Early Life

Sarah Bishop grew up in a small farm house in Long Island, New York. She grew up with her Father and brother. Her mother passed away giving birth to her, so she didn't grow up with a mother figure in her life.

Revolutionary War comes to Long Island

When patriots raided her house because they got a tip that they had a picture of King George, they burnt it down and tarred and feathered her dad. This led to his death a day later. After her father passed, her older brother left her to join the patriot militia with his friend.
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She is then left alone to fend for herself in the wilderness.

Captured by British soldiers

A day after she was left alone, she walked to the nearest city to take up a motel room for as little money as possible. That night a British soldier set the inn on fire. Sarah was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Police suspected her of the crime.

Alone in the Wilderness

After this incident she became fearful of other humans. She secluded herself in a cave a couple miles away from the city. She called this place her new home. She was visited by Indians and many animals that called her a friend. She lived there for the rest of her life.