Courtney Barbry

"Beauty gets the attention, my personality gets the heart."

"Who Am I"

My Interests: playing tennis, researching about surgeons and what they do, spending time with family. and reading

My Skills: playing tennis, playing the flute and piano, and singing

My Values: nature, family, and friendships.

Why should these things be considered when deciding on a career? Because it helps me to know what I would want to be when I grow up and what career to search for.

"Where Am I Going"

My Career as a...

My career will be as a surgeon. Surgeons operate on patients that need help. They do surgery when a patient has cancerous tumors, cleft palates, and broken bones. People get back to their healthy lives because of them. Their average salary is: $512,000. The job outlook is to grow 18% from 2012 to 2022 faster than the average occupations. The cluster is health science which means for helping people. The work schedule is full-time. They usually work in sterile environments while performing surgeries that might last for a long period of time. Something interesting about this career is operating on people and literally see the human body in real life. So, I want to be a surgeon when I graduate college.

How Do I Get There?

Shown in the picture above is the college I want to attend. It's "University of Arkansas" located in Fayetteville. The reason I picked this college because my oldest brother went there and he is a radiologist. I asked him if it was a good place to go to become a surgeon and he yes. So, that's how I decided. The degrees that I need is a diploma in high school and a bachelor's in science/arts. The tuition for Arkansas residents is $6,142 and for non-Arkansas residents is $17,022. The scholarships that I hope I qualify for is a medical scholarship and the M.D. scholarship to become a physician/surgeon.