Abby Boza

About Me!!

Background Information

I was born in Milford, Massachusetts and I moved to Flower Mound, Texas when I was 5 years old. I am currently 15 years old and attending Flower Mound High School as a Sophomore. I plan to go to Community College for a year then attend a 4 year University. I was a competitive cheerleader for 7 years but quit going into high school so I could focus more on my school work.


Grade School- Liberty Elementary 4600 Quail Run Rd. Flower Mound, Texas 469-713-5958

Junior High- McKamy Middle School 2401 Old Settlers Rd. Flower Mound, Texas 468-713-5991

High School- Flower Mound HIgh School 3411 Peters Colony Rd. Flower Mound, Texas 469-713-5192


Nancy Miller- 214-673-3311 Have worked part time for her babysitting and taking care of the family's 2 children

Brad Stapp- 972-679-7228 Watched his 4 year old daughter multiple times a week

Terri Fehlis- 502-550-9924 Helped her around her household

Jobs/Work Experiences

Have babysat for many family's and my mother at the same time. Helps clean around house, but not old enough to get an actual job yet.