What I learned in Technology Class

Cooper O'Connell


I liked coding because it was fun to see my character move across he screen he could draw he could dig holes. This unit was not my favorite but i would rate it number 2 because it was to hard sometimes and other times it was way to easy to do. If more people would try coding it might be fun for them it was fine to me but it still was fun and I like it.


This unit was my favorite because it had a lot of things to do you had more freedom to stuff. I also thought it was a good unit because you could make a iTrailer on your own family or dog. I made mine on my dog it was fun to do because i spent more time inside with my dog and I like doing that but we have baseball every day but sometimes not Monday.

Learn To Type/Typing Web

The Learn to type website was fun to do because I learned how to type a little. Me and the people sitting next to me had a competition who could finish the typing course first we are still see who will win it is close we are all one within each other. This was a good warm up I liked it because it got me ready for class and I can type faster and better now.

Career Locker

I did not like this unit that much because it was slow going if we were faster going I think it would have been the best unit because it was super fun to do and all but when we took it slow it took to long to get to the fun part of the unit and then unit ended after we just got to to good parts. This unit was still really fun because we got to learn about all the different careers there are.

Explain Everything

Not my favorite unit but still a good unit because I learned about how to use the app, the only other time I used this app was in french. I like to do math and we just happen to do math in this app and I like it. I would say to do this unit again.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was a very fun unit because I like to talk about my dream Chemical Engineer. I think if you did this unit next year would be a lot of fun for the students. I thought this was a a good unit for learning it thought me about what I like to do in life math science. Good unit it helped me learn about what I can do.