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Why Girls on the Run?

From the founder: “In 1976, I bought my first pair of running shoes. I was fifteen then and like most fifteen year old girls, trying to figure out who I was inside a changing body. I was desperately wanting to be liked by the beautiful crowd--popular with the boys. But I couldn't fit into the box the world placed over the spark of my spirit. The box told me things I knew in my soul weren't true: That the way I looked was more important than who I was inside. That being a woman meant keeping emotions like anger to myself. That having a boyfriend meant giving up part of my own identity. But I stepped in anyway. Hours spent trying to mold my body, my lifestyle, my life into what the box required were extremely painful. So I ran. I'd strap on those running shoes and head for the woods, the streets, wherever my feet would take me. I felt Beautiful. Strong. Powerful. I felt a part of something greater than myself.”

Help us in bringing this feeling of empowerment to the girls in our community! We have a huge fundraising goal to meet, and every little bit helps.

Ordering ends on Monday, June 17th

Thanks to everyone who shopped at our trunk show! We've already raised $180 to help bring Girls on the Run to Harford County, but I think we can do even more. Shop online at - 25% of all purchases goes back to this awesome cause!

What is Stella & Dot?

Featured in major fashion magazines and coveted by celebrities, Stella & Dot is an accessories line that you're guaranteed to love. WIth over half of the new Summer line under $50, there's something for every budget! Your pieces will ship directly to you in 3-4 business days and will arrive on your doorstep in adorable packaging. Proceeds from every purchase will go towards bringing Girls on the Run to Harford County!

Shop now in June and save BIG in July!

Girls on the Run International

Krista Demcher

Stella & Dot - Associate Director, Trainer & Mentor