The gilded age

Courtney Nelson

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie- founded the first steel business of America
Who- Andrew Carnegie born November 25in Scotland

What- he was an entrepreneur that founded the first steel company of America that became one of the biggest in the world

When- by 1889he had the biggest steel company in the world

Where-he had the biggest steel company in the U.S

Why- he founded steel so that he could make money on bridges and especially railroads

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Samuel f.b morse

Who- Samuel f.b morse who started out as a painter

What- an inventor who invented the single wired telegraph

When-during and after the gilded age

Where- the U.S is where the telegraph was made

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Pullman strike

What- a nation wide strike

When- this was in 1894

Where- this strike was in the United States of America

Why- the worker went on strike because of the sudden drop in their wages

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Chinese labors

Chinese peasants from the canton province started coming on the California shores in 1850. When Leland Stanford was elected governor he promised to protect the state from Asian dregs.
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