Brave New World Project

By Erica Winters, Aya Hamam, Bri Molina & Brooke Miller

Option B

Part A- Songs

Chapter One- Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

Chapter Two- Hollow by Tori Kelly

Chapter Three- Hands to my Self by Selena Gomez

Chapter Four- How You Get the Girl by Taylor Swift

Chapter Five- Part of Me by Katy Perry

Chapter Six-

Chapter Seven-

Chapter Eight-

Chapter Nine-

Chapter Ten-

Chapter Eleven- Paradise by Coldplay

Chapter Twelve- La La La Lies by The Who

Chapter Thirteen- Pour some sugar on me by by Def Leppard

Chapter Fourteen- M.I.N.E by Five Finger Death Punch

Chapter Fifteen- Free by Broods

Chapter Sixteen- Change by Taylor Swift

Chapter Seventeen- God Will Make a Way by Don Moen

Chapter Eighteen- See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth

Part B- Connection from song to book

Chapter One- The song Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift relates to chapter one, because what is happening is so beyond out of the ordinary it is like a wild dream. In the chapter they are explaining how the babies are made at the Hatchery and Conditioning Center and it is not the normal way babies are made, it is wild and out of the ordinary.

Chapter Two- In Tory Kelly's song "Hollow" she is talking about how she felt very empty and they it was filled, these kids never have to chance to feel hollow or empty because right from the beginning they are told who and what they are.

Chapter Three- The song "Hands to myself" by Selena Gomez is ironic in relating to chapter two, because in chapter two they first introduce the "children sex" in the court yard. And this song suits it pretty well.

Chapter Four- I choose "How you get the Girl" By Taylor Swift because this is where Lenina and Henry go on their fancy helicopter date and henry is clearly trying to impress her since her is using a helicopter as their transportation. And in Swift's song she is explaining how you get the girl and the two match up pretty well

Chapter Five- In Katy Perry's "Part of Me" she is referring to getting away because she is feeling sad and alone and that is exactly how Bernard feels after the orgy at the end of chapter five.

Chapter Eleven- I choose "Paradise" because Linda wants to be alone and away from the rest of the group because she couldn't handle life not being how she expected. So to cope with all the feelings she overdosed on soma, which puts her into a "soma-holiday". In this song it talks about a girl slipping away from the world to be happy.

Chapter Twelve- I choose the song "La La La Lies by The Who" Because Barnard threw a party and said that the savage would show. But after John wouldn't show up and Barnard found out that his "friends" weren't friends, they were there for John. The song is talking about not having friends and believing the lies.

Chapter Thirteen- I choose "Pour Some Sugar on Me". This song is talking about wanting lovin' from someone. Lenina wanted to have sex with John after the feelies. But John didn't want her and slaps her resulting in her locking her self in the bathroom

Chapter Fourteen- I choose the song "M.I.N.E". In the song it talks about death because they cant handle being hurt anymore. In this chapter Linda dies from the "soma holiday" because the pain from everyone. We see how it hurts John and what it does to him.

Chapter Fifteen- We chose this song because it fits john very well. That john lived the perfect life but he still didn’t fit in. all he wanted is to be free and pray to the God and not Ford.

Chapter Sixteen- We picked this song because john is shocked after knowing about the old world and how it used to be and he wants to change it, he wants the world to change like how it used to be.

Chapter Seventeen- We choose the song God Will Make a Way by Don Moen, because in chapter seventeen they discuss religion and religious experience. When Mond choose John his collection of banned religious writings. John starting thinking about God and it made sense to him.

Chapter Eighteen- We picked this song because Bernard and Helmholtz said good-bye to their friend John. John has hanged himself. And his friends feel very upset that he left them, but they are sure that he went to better place, because he couldn’t fit in their world.