It's not just you, It's your gear too!!!!

Design's are Top Notch!!!

- We have amazing design's, not just special order but right off the counter!

- Are gear is 100% made for you!

Is it Durable?

- This Gear is going to be the toughest gear, you will ever have!

- All Fox gear is going to be D.O.T protected!

- Fox gear is not just made for you, but your protection too!

That's Some Nice Gear!

But That's Not All!

More Than That?

- Yes, Fox does have more than that. Fox has everything you can imagine helments, jerseys, chest protecters, boots, gloves, googles, socks, cloths, jackets, surf boards, surf gear, and more! Fox try's to satisfiy all the customors, rather it's a toddler on training wheels or an elder riding a four-wheeler. There gear comes in all sizes, and all are made comfortable and carefully.

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To find out more go on facebook or twitter and follow FoxRacing. I recommened to get all your fox (dirt-bike or motocycle) gear at Cycle Center.(address below)

It's not just you, It's your gear too!