The Titanium Monthly



The Titanium campaign is the name of ou very cool Rewards and Recognition campaign.

Which was launched in our previous LCM.

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To know more about the LCM and #IAMTITANIUM.

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You can play the song while reading through the mailer :D


Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia by FalloutXD


So what is this #IAMTITANIUM Mailer about?

This mailer is to recognise the members who are doing exceptionally brilliant in their teams. Who have faced some hurdles but have move past it and have strived to achieve more.

The following members have contributed a lot to their teams and are doing very well in terms of their Job Descriptions.

Congratulations to each and every one of you.

So give it up for the members who are TITANIUM.

And now the TOP THREE teams that are TITANIUM!


Team Members please talk to your co GB members to find out the cool things they've done to achieve their targets.

Team Leaders talk to the 3 TL's who got recognised to find out the strategies they use to make the team achieve their targets.

Congratulations to each and every TL and Team member.

Tell us the hardships that you've faced or your experiences and we will showcase them in the next newsletter.

Share your stories with us

The members who got recognised congratulations. You win theses AWESOME #IAMTITANIUM bands! (YAY!)

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