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You do NOT have to "sell" the oils to be a product consultant!

Yes! You heard that right! doTERRA wants you to reward you for being a frequent customer. You can sign up as an Independent product Consultant (which title recently changed to Wellness Advocate) and receive wholesale pricing, the same that the Consultants receive. This does require you to sign up. You do not have to sell or even commit to selling the oils to receive this discount. Unlike other Direct Sales companies, there is only a minimum purchase of $50 required per YEAR to take advantage!! You receive 25% off of the retail pricing. It is JUST like a Sam's Club account, you pay for a membership, and enjoy deep discounts, whenever you want. You receive your own website which you will use to place your own personal orders. If at any point you decide you would like to earn money with doTERRA, there are several pathways to earning money. You could be only concerned with paying for your oils. In that scenario, referring just a handful of friends could enable you to earn your oils for free every month! Please ask me if you have additional questions. Here are some helpful articles to help you decide what is the best solution for your needs. There is no pressure here, we just want to share the benefits of these amazing oils!

doTERRA Rewards You!!

doTERRA rewards you!

1. Purchase and place order directly from my website: at retail prices.

2. Sign up as an Independent Product Consultant (IPC)/ Wellness Advocate (WA), for $35! This gives you wholesale pricing (25% off!!) for a year! After, it's only $25 a year and you get a free oil as a gift for renewing! Click here and follow through with selected prompt. You can order immediately with your wholesale pricing!

3. Waive your $35 initial fee by purchasing an enrollment kit; click here for information about enrollment kits (you cannot order from above link). Order from same link as #2, and add your kit from drop down upon completion of the form!

4. Become an LRP member. 50 PV orders or more earn cash back! You can select the date you want, and change your date and order every month to whatever suits you.

5. LRP orders of 100PV or more to earn commission to pay for your oils, just for sharing your experiences! Look at the possibilities! Watch this for even more info!

See pictures below for more information about LRP, or email me!

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