September 2022


We have been in school for about four weeks, and I must say that it has been nothing short of fantastic! Our school year is off to a great start! In the classroom, out of the classroom, before school, during school, and after school. Our campuses are busy, students are in classrooms learning, and it has been awesome. Kudos to our staff for creating a welcoming environment for our students.

LCS Bond Program Update

To provide a continuous update on the progress being made on the 2020 LCS Bond Program, we have put together monthly updates, which are shared at the LCS Board of Education meeting each month. These updates will provide an ongoing look at where we are with the current LCS Bond Program projects.

LCS continues to move forward with the LCS Bond Program. Phase 1 projects include the construction of the Multi-purpose Center, collaboration zone/media center at Linden Elementary, updates to all classrooms at Linden Elementary, and the Linden High School/Central Elementary paving project.

The Multi-purpose Center continues to be on track for a March 2023 completion. The pre-engineered walls have been erected, and the roof is currently being installed. The interior structures (walls, offices, etc.) are taking shape, including rough electrical and rough mechanical. We are in the process of constructing the elevated walking track. The exterior brickwork is nearing completion, and the concrete floors in the east wing have been completed. You can watch our progress live, by viewing our live LCS Multi-puprose Center Web Cam.

The renovations at Linden Elementary are nearing completion. Updates include: new classroom furniture, secure front entrance, collaborative spaces, STEM equipment, music instruments, kitchen equipment, electrical and mechanical work, lockers added, flooring in all classrooms, technology resources (in and out of the classroom), and etc. Contractors have been working second shift to finish up various projects. We did see some delays in items such as interior doors, technology software, and lockers. These items are being installed as they arrive. The main structure of the new collaboration zone/media center is complete with finished brickwork and the roof. Construction continues, and we are still on target to see the completion of the new collaboration zone/media center in January 2023.

The paving project that included the front parking lot at Linden High School, the expanded traffic loop at Central Elementary and the student parking lot at Linden High School has been completed.

Bond Update- July 2022

Bond Update- August 2022

Bond Update- September 2022

LCS Community Education

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Linden Middle School STEM Lab

The LMS course previously named 'Tech Prep' had a refresh this past week to include all new computers and STEM activities. We launched its new name, ‘STEM Lab’ and are implementing the latest software and curriculum from SMART Lab by Creative Learning Systems. This revamped exploratory course for middle school provides opportunities for students to engage in math and science while solving problems using real-world applications. Our STEM Lab teacher, Char Nester is super excited about the new hands-on learning kits and integrated technology for her students.

LCS COVID Protocols Update

The Genesee County Health Department, last February, communicated that they will be following the CDC and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for the management of COVID-19. On August 24, the GCHD released their most recent COVID-19 School Guidance, which was not much different than what we have been doing since February. This information is located on our COVID-19 webpage.

A general overview of guidance for students and staff, regardless of vaccination status who have tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Isolate at home for at least 5 days after symptom onset.

  • Day 0 is the day symptoms started or test sample was collected.

On day 5, does case have no symptoms or symptoms are resolving?

  • If yes, Can stop isolation on day 6. However, should continue to wear a well-fitting mask around others through day 10.

  • If no, should NOT stop isolation - continue isolating until symptoms resolve or 10 days have gone by since tested positive or first developed symptoms. If case has a fever, continue to isolate until fever goes away (24 hours fever-free with no medication).

  • "Resolving symptoms," means symptoms have gotten noticeably better. Some symptoms (like fatigue and loss of taste and/or smell) may last a longer time.

We are still required by the GCHD to report positive COVID cases that we are aware of. We are typically notified by the individual if it is a staff member, or a parent if a student tests positive.

Stay Connected #lindeneaglepride

Continuous communication is part of Linden Community Schools Strategic Plan, and a goal of our the district. Having a dedicated website, District Facebook Page and Twitter following, @LindenSchools allows Linden Community Schools to communicate news, events, and updates on a larger scale. Jump on board and "like" our social media pages!

Last year, Linden Community Schools launched its own LCS app. It's everything Linden Schools, documents, events, alterts, news, schedules, etc.

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LCS Athletics

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Weight Room Upgrade

Thank you so much to our Athletic Boosters and our community who have graciously donated money to our fundraisers! Your generosity has contributed directly to our weight room upgrade, which was long overdue. The Athletic Boosters, along with many of our programs, all chipped in to make this possible. The renovation is still in the works, but below are some of the pictures of the process so far.

A special thank you to our students who have helped with the moving of equipment/flooring. This couldn't have been done without their help. Also, to our custodial staff, maintenance staff, Jason Grundy, and Tom Deromedi who all took time out of their day to help put new equipment together!

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Linden Board of Education

The Linden Community Schools Board of Education has made the decision to live stream the next five board of education meetings, September 7 thru November 2. The purpose of the live stream is to give our LCS stakeholders another means of viewing the Linden Board of Education meetings for those who are unable to attend in person.

Live streaming of these meetings are designed as view only, as the Open Meetings Act does not allow public participation to occur in a virtual format. We continue to encourage and welcome anyone wishing to attend to do so in person.

The LCS Board Meeting will begin at 6:00 pm, and the live stream can be accessed from our website (under Board of Education), or by clicking on the link provided.

LCS Board of Education Meeting Live Stream