Weekly Launch

December 18-22


-Be sure to share a character idea on the it's learning page! You should share one idea every 9 weeks according to our strategic action plan.

-Make sure your report cards are pretty much complete before you leave for the holidays!

-Please make sure the front office staff is aware of your parties and special activities. Also, the cafeteria should have already been notified if your class is not eating lunch in the cafe

-Please make sure that instruction is happening as usual as much as possible. It will help prevent misbehavior :0)

-The flu is going around! Please be sure to try and stay healthy! Lots of hand sanitizer and clorax wipes are a must! I am praying I don't get it. Lauren was diagnosed with it yesterday. We had 64 kids absent today!

-We are adding a fifth 5th grade section on Jan. 9. Mr. Haji will be part of a three way switch with Mrs. Coipel and Ms. Smith. He will be teaching science and social studies.

Important Dates

December 18-Bring your favorite Christmas cookies and recipe to share

December 19-Wear your favorite Christmas shirt

December 20-Winter Party 1st /2nd

Wear your comfy sweats

PTA Christmas party-Chris Rylant's house

December 21-Wear your character shirt

Don't forget to get some breakfast pastries in lounge

Winter Party 3rd/4th/5th

December 22-Sing along-8:30

Wear your PJ's

3-5 block

Early release

Kinder winter party

Grading period ends

Character Corner

Word of the week-Reliable

Word of the month-Citizenship

Morning Announcements-Wagner

Character Application- Excerpt- NPE extended this idea and now includes a related “Word of the Week” (WOW) each week of that month, making certain that students understand the Core Value's in their entirety. In addition to purposeful vocabulary, each classroom at NPE holds a daily, morning meeting as a place for students to explore, apply and discuss each core value. Our school counselor, with the support of the leadership team, provides weekly lesson plans for morning meetings; though each teacher may customize individual lessons in grade level collaborations further meeting their students’ needs. In addition, CCISD instructional leaders placed a united emphasis on the morning meeting by acknowledging its importance on the “Time to Teach” document alongside Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies.

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Shout outs!

A big shout out to Coach Rizzo, B and V for helping us with Kona Ice! Murray, Saunders and I couldn't have done it without you!

A big shout out to all who played our Secret Santa game! It was a lot of fun!

Welcome to our new staff members!

We have had several additions to our staff over the last few weeks!

Cathy Compa will be taking Mindy Swick's place in fourth grade

Nizar Haji will be our long term teacher in 5th grade

Sheila Garcia is our new SLL para taking Debra Spriggs place

Carmen in SLL is a district itinerant para who is helping out for the interim

Tom Martell is our new lead custodian

Please be sure to welcome these new Rockets!

Word of the Week-emphasize


Debbie Joiner needs a compliment because she welcomes me into her classroom daily and tries new ideas. She cares about her students being successful and is always willing to learn new way-Sandy Varner

Sue Witt needs a compliment because she has the answer to all my questions and is always willing to help even though she "only works 2 days a week"-Stephanie Hirsch

Melody Tanigawa needs a compliment because she always smiling!

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Look at the generosity of our staff and parents for our Giving Tree kids!