Real Estate in Cayman Islands

Real Estate in Cayman Islands

Real Estate in Cayman Islands

Regions of the Cayman islands

Get to know Cayman; it's culture, beauty, history and of course, how to get here! – official Department of Tourism website – our National Airline – Sir Turtle does us proud from many US gateways – fantastic website complimented by the Key to Cayman magazine publication.


George Town is Cayman’s capital and is situated at the Eastern tip of World famous Seven Mile Beach. Many of the shops, banks and legal firms overlook the harbour and the sweeping curve of Seven Mile Beach.

Set back, just a stones through from the harbour are many of the islands shops. Here you’ll find jewellers camera shops, tobacconists and duty-free stores that sell various items including the World renowned Blackbeard’s Carribean Rums and Rum Cakes as well as island T-Shirts and souvenirs.

Many of the islands amenities and services are located slightly further in-land including schools, hospitals, doctors, vets and various sports facilities.

In-land properties in this region are priced in the mid range and are therefore affordable for those families wishing to live close to the schools and facilities that George Town has to offer. Ocean front properties are also available in George Town along North Sound road, these properties are slightly more expensive.


Situated North of Seven Mile Beach, West Bay is a little more rugged and a little less sandy. West Bay is home to the Turtle Farm, Pampered Ponies and a few spectacular restaurants, apart from this however, it is mostly residential. This region is a short commute from Seven Mile Beach and George Town. It is very quiet and peaceful and is perfect for families who would like to enjoy the facilities Seven Mile Beach offers while living in more affordable homes.


Miles of beautiful soft sand and crystal clear waters stretch along the West side of Cayman, from George Town to West Bay.

Along Seven Mile Beach are many bars and restaurants, shopping plazas, hotels and luxury resorts. As a result of its beauty, Seven Mile Beach is very popular and has consequently become the most developed area on the island. Although this area is highly developed, the beach remains public property and a few quiet spots can still be found.

Everything in this area is easily accessible and Seven Mile Beach is a highly sought after area with magnificent canal front, ocean front and in-land properties


South sound, located just South-East of George Town and has a few hotels, restaurants and dive resorts along it’s coastline, but remains largely residential. The area is beautiful, quiet, peaceful and very desirable.

It’s proximity to George Town and Seven Mile Beach is very convenient. Schools, tennis, rugby and squash clubs are also very close by, which makes this an ideal area for families.


Many new facilities have recently been built in Prospect and Red Bay. Facilities, old and new include, Red Bay Primary School, the Sailing Club, the Black Pearl surf and skate park, Hurley’s Supermarket and Grand Harbour shopping complex. With all of these amenities close by, it is no longer necessary to make daily trips into town, making beautiful waterfront and inland properties in this region more accessible.


A very rural, rugged location is about a twenty minute commute from George Town. Neighbourhoods in this area are surrounded by farm land and a variety of tropical trees including beautiful Poinciana Trees.

Savannah has its own primary school and the newly developed Countryside Shopping Village, which boasts numerous shops, restaurants, a supermarket, hardware store, Monster Video and Cayman National Bank. This is a desirable region with canal front, coastal and in-land properties and all the facilities of George Town on your door step.


Bodden Town was the first settlement of any kind in Cayman and the original capital of the Cayman Islands.

This is a quaint coastal region, surrounded by tropical grape trees, turquoise waters and fringing reefs. There are a few lovely coves in this area and the reefs provide fantastic snorkeling.

This region is less densely populated and has experienced less growth than other districts on island. The atmosphere here is very relaxed and the pace of life is much slower than it is towards George Town and Seven Mile Beach.


Ironshore cliff tops stretch across the East coast and offer some of the most exquisite ocean views the Cayman Islands has to offer.

This area really is island-style living of old. Apart from a small localised community, most houses are few and far between. Beautiful homes perched upon the cliff with unobscured views. East End is suitable for those who really enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle and want to get away from it all.

George Town is approximately a forty five minute drive away from East End.

SCUBA diving on this side of Cayman is spectacular. The incredibly steep, pristine coral wall on the East side is home to a diverse species of marine life, from the tiniest Christmas Tree Worm, to huge adult Sea Turtles and awesome Reef Sharks.


Caribbean Grape Trees and Almond Tees line Northside’s beautiful coast. This region has experienced little development and is extremely peaceful. Secluded coves here are so quiet that you may spend an entire day alone.

There are is a small community situated around the Northside shop, Northside Primary School, police station, doctors surgery and local post office. Aside from this most houses in the area are dotted along the coastal road stretching all the way to Rum Point and Cayman Kai.

Houses in-land tend to have large grounds with many beautiful tropical plants and fruit trees. Fruit trees likely to be found in your back garden might include coconut, banana, mango, bread fruit, guava and date. These in land properties are often very secluded and are generally a short walk away from some lovely, sheltered beaches.

SCUBA diving on the North of Grand Cayman is particularly beautiful. It’s wall is as steep and pristine as the coral wall in the East, with huge sponges, spectacular coral formations and an abundance of colourful fish


Properties in Rum Point and Cayman Kai tend to be very exclusive island get-aways. Some of the best on island! Most homes here are surrounded by stunning views of beautiful Caribbean waters and fabulous soft golden, sandy beaches.

There are a couple of restaurants and bars here that are favourite destinations for boating enthusiasts and are particularly appreciated for their ice cold drinks including, fresh fruit Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and the real island favourite, Mudslides. Be sure to grab a hammock and let an afternoon pass you by!


The Sting Ray City Sand Bar, or simply “the Sand Bar” to the locals, has been a main stay to the boating community for decades. It was discovered by local fisherman as a great place to go to after a long day of fishing. Nice cool water, soft sandy bottom, and only waist high out in the middle of the ocean. It was not long for the first visitors to come talking about the sting rays. These magical creatures started coming when the fishermen would clean their catch at the site. Soon after, locals and tourists were coming to view and play with the Sting Rays.

During the week the Sand Bar gets thousands of visitors from the hotels and cruise ships. It is a World Wide known attraction. On Sundays you will find ten, twenty and sometimes more boats there when Cayman’s large boating community go to meet up with friends and socialize. It is truly a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Real Estate in Cayman Islands