Principal Announcements and Weekly Schedule

September 14 - 18

14 - WHITE

  • PD Time will be in Mrs. Stuttle's room (3rd grade breakfast). A guest from DCS will be speaking to us about signs to watch and protocol to follow.
  • Device Meeting after school (Principals and Device Committee @ Admin Bldg.)

15 - BLACK

  • Band starts for 6th grade
  • Admin Mtg @ 1:00 (Dalton)

16 - RED

  • Grade Level Meeting with Mrs. Dalton (5th grade) @ 1:20 in Mrs. Evans' room

17 - WHITE

  • Retirement Celebration for Mrs. Wright (3:30-5 @ AVIS)
  • PTO Meeting @ 6:30

18 - BLACK

  • 2nd grade to Taylor Woods
  • Webinar (Mrs. Dalton @ 1:00)

Upcoming Events/Announcements

  • Thank you to Mrs. Sweat who has done a great job serving our students the last couple of years. She is now venturing into owning her own business. We are excited for her new adventure! Denise Sparks has been hired, pending board approval to be our new Nurse Aide. She is a retired RN and mother-in-law to our very own Sarah Sparks. She will be here 8-3 daily, beginning in 2 weeks.
  • CHANGE FOR FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 - In honor of 9-11, let's wear red, white, and blue (thank you Pam Whitted for the great idea).
  • In the future, we would like to plan a time to have a DEAR moment with all of our students, possibly during the Book Fair Week. Please share your ideas with your BLT (Building Leadership Team) representative before our next meeting.
  • 4th - 6th graders will be getting email accounts. Please do not feel like you have to respond to emails outside of school hours. Also, students will not be expected to respond outside of school hours. More details forthcoming...
  • Clarification - STAR reports will need to go home each quarter (not for progress reports, just report card time) even though we are going paperless with report cards. Parents will be getting a Skyward message and emails.
  • Upcoming PD times: Sept 21 = Grade levels will have time to work on Achieve 3000 (Grades 3-6) and Amplify/Mclass data (K-2). Sept 28 = Teresa will be here, but the focus choices for teachers will be time to work on ALEKS or Skyward.
  • Sept 21 - 25 COLLEGE GO WEEK
  • Sept 22 - ACR meeting day
  • Sept 24 - RTI meeting day (PLEASE SEND ME NAMES BY FRIDAY, SEPT 18, IF YOU NEED TO DISCUSS ANY STUDENTS AT OUR RTI MEETINGS. (now called "Multi-Tiered Support Systems" - :) FYI)
  • BOOK FAIR - Sept 28 - Oct 2


  • Am I using a variety of methods to keep all types of learners engaged?
  • How do I promote unity among our team?
  • Did I encourage anyone this week?
  • How many times have you smiled or laughed today?