For Sale-2008 Ford Mustang

For sale now for: $13.000!

745HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SVT w/ Ford Racing Exhaust!
Machine in very good condition,leather interior,air conditioning!The name Ford Mustang-speaks for itself!
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For sale now for $13.000!


ACDC - TNT by maaxklauck

Technical characteristics of Ford Mustang:

Powerplant: V6 3.8 gasoline Volume:3813cab Power:190l.with Torque:300N.M The total number of valves / number of valves per cylinder:12v/ 2 valves per cylinder Performance indicators: Set speed ( 0-100km): 8.2 Top speed: 196km Fuel consumption in mixed mode:12L Fuel tank capacity:58l Body: Dimensions:4653mm*1857mm*1647mm Wheelbase:2573mm Curb weight:1390kg Ground clearance / ground clearance: 100mm