Peter the Great

By Evan Gao

Who is he?

Peter the Great was a Russian monarch. He modernized Russia, expanded Russian territory and strengthened Russia's power.

Fun facts about him

  • He took the throne when he was 10
  • He didn't receive good education when he was young
  • He died without a heir


He spent some time in the West Europe, and he is very impressed. He brought western technologies, ideas, and cultures when he came back to Russia. Since then, Russia was no more a isolated country.

Expansion of his empire

For the purpose of trading, Peter the Great focused on expanding Russia borders. He build a strong, advanced military for expanding Russia. Because the ocean freezes during the winter, he needed to find a warm-water port. At first he fought against the Ottoman empire for Black sea but it was unsuccessful. Then he started to fight against Sweden. After a long time, Russia defeated Sweden and gained Baltic Sea.

Peter the Great also had tried to expand his border toward the east. He had gained the North of Manchuria and Alaska, which made Russia the largest country in the world

His absolute rule

Peter the Great modernized Russia with force. He had forced the nobles to cut off their beard and banned the practice of separating women in upper class in separated quarters.

There were reforms against his modernization, and Peter gave no mercy. He had tortured and killed thousands of rebels and hung the corpses outside the wall of his palace for months.