Your Tundra Experience

It's Not What You'd Expect

Why The Tundra is the Best Biome Out There!

The Tundra has over 1,700 species of animals and more than 400 species of flowers! Kids love all of the wildlife viewing and if the rivers aren't frozen, river floating. Like I was saying, treat yourself to a 4.5 star hotel at Tundra Inn with their free WiFi! We hope that you choose us as your #1 vacation destination!

Some Places Worth Visiting While You're Here

The tundra regions of northern Alaska, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia contain some unique wildlife, much of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth/northern lights. Many regions offer cultural tours on which visitors can live authentically for a brief period of time – living in a Sami kota, a Nenet yurt or an Inuit igloo.

Major Cities That Love Your Money

  • Aklavik
  • Fort McPherson
  • Inuvik
  • Iqaluit
  • Old Crow
  • Qausuittuq
  • Tuktoyaktuk
  • These cities are all on the northernmost frontier, in the Northwest Territories, the Nunavut provinces and the Yukon Territory.

Guaranteed Relaxation

Winter Sport's

For all you crazy athletes out there you'll love this Biome you can do your


- skiing

-snow tubing

-ice fishing

-ice skating

- sledding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much rainfall/snowfall does the Tundra get a year?
  • Why is the Tundra called the "land of midnight sun"?
  • How many species of animals live in the Tundra?
  • What special characteristics do the plant and animals need up here?
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