Should there be single gender clase

By: Fatima Villalba

Top 5 reasons I am against to be in separate classes

They would not interact with each other

If we separate boys from girls and girls from boys when they grow up it would be hard for them to understand each other. For example: at work the boss would make them work together and they would not know how to interact.

It would create hatread

The girls would think that they got separated because they are smarter. And the boys would think that they got separated because they are dumb and that would make each gender hate each other

single gender classes are not fit for all boys and girls.

Most of the boys and girls feel more comfortable working and collaborating together. The students get more confused and do not understand the class because it affects them because of the single gender classes.

Not all educators are prepared to teach in gender-specific type of environment

Not all the teachers know how to teach single gender classes. It would take more years to study to teach single gender classes

Brings out the best of the students

"Students bring the best out of them when they work and collaborate together. It causes less bulling." Says: Kristin Berry a reporter and writer