Mesoamerican civilizations

Mayans,Incas, and Aztecs


Mesoamerican civilizations made a lot of inventions, like the Mayans made a calendar that has 365 days and accurately predicts eclipses. The Incas was the first civilization to have brain surgery.The Aztecs made two different calendars one for farming and one for their religion. These inventions were important because they helped keep track of time and also saved peoples lives.

Farming Methods

The Mayans used slash and burn which helped make the reused soil more fertile.The Incas lived in the Andes which are mountains and do not have fertile soil so they used step farming which was when they made stone steps and put mud on them and grew their plants on that soil.The Aztecs used the floating which was when they weaved reeds together and put mud on them, they used this method because they had swampy land.