Till Death Do Us Bark

BY: Kate Klise illasrated by M. Sarah Klise

About Kate Klise and M.Sarah Klise

Kate and Sarah Klise are sisters that work together to wright and illustrate; 43 Old Cemetary Road, Letters to Camp, Homesick, Regarding the..... ,ect.

About the book

Till death do us bark is a book that, like i said, is really just made to make people laugh. It is about a family of 2 bodies and one soul (and a cat); Semore ,Olive and MR. Grumply. Semore finds a dog and tries to hide him from Olive and Grumply and it all leads to a major breakdown of the family.

Some of there work:

I recomend these books because .........

The Kate Klise series is super cute and only made to make people laugh and to entertain. I promiss it really dose the trick.

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