By: Amy

What are Hallucinogenic Drugs?

Hallucinogenic Drugs are natural or man made substances that affect the nervous system. Senses are altered which means things that the user sees, tastes, hears, and touchs may not actually be real. Hallucinogens might be the most harmful group of drugs because of the false perceptions they give. Hallucinogenic drugs may also force the user to act and feel differently in situations where they would usually be comfortable.



- Magic Mushrooms


- Ketamine

- Mescaline

- Datura

- Morning Glory Seeds

Your Brain On Shrooms

Side Effects:

  • Changes your perception of your surroundings

  • Makes you act much differently (mood, feelings)

  • Makes you feel certain sensations, images, and emotions that aren't necessarily real

  • Senses (taste, hearing, vision) are affected

  • Can cause mood and temper swings

  • High blood pressure

  • Dry mouth

  • Memory can be altered

  • Loss of hunger

  • Can cause death

When and Why did People Start Using Hallucinogenic Drugs?

People originally started using drugs that make you hallucinate for religious purposes and to cure health issues. Back then, it was believed that drugs were actually good for you. Of course now, we have proof that drugs can be very deadly. But, once people discovered how much fun you could have with it hallucinogenic drugs, they simply didn't care hoo much harm they could bring. To this day, people STILL use drugs for the wrong reasons. When you start using drugs, like PCP to get high, you put yourself and the others around you in harm's way. Not only that, using this particular group of drugs can cause death to the user.

It's Ok, You Can Always Get Help

If you or someone you love is addicted to taking hallucinogenic drugs, there's nothing wrong with them and theres probably a reason for why they have resorted to taking harmful substances. Make them feel comfortable and let them come to you. If they don't gentle ask them if there is something they want to tell you or talk about. See if they'll open up about what's bothering them. They could need professional help. If so, there are many rehabilitation centres where they can go to get the help they need. There is never a reason to judge the user because you don't know how they feel or what they've been through.