Tech Tuesday

The School Year in Review - Part 2

Tech Tuesdays

This is a continuation of last week's Tech Tuesday. Below you will find links to the technology tools that have been pushed out January-May of this year. Each week, a new technology idea is delivered to your inbox. Sometimes you might find it helpful...and may not be anything you need. The idea for Tech Tuesdays originated with the idea of pushing out a lot of technology ideas...with the hope that you might find something that will be perfect for you. This newsletter goes out to K-12 teachers in different parts of the United States..who teach a variety of subject everyone is attracted to something different. Each week, a new idea trickles in and those really add up over time. Sometimes it is hard to recognize just how much you've learned over a period of time, so a colleague of mine thought it would be neat to do a "Year in Review". Hopefully, this will help you keep them all in one spot so they are easy for you to find in the future.