Week 2 Cleansing Tips and Support

Stay Strong, It will get easier!

Staying Calm and Centered!

I hope you are each doing well in your process. This letter is full of information, each of us are at a different level, so only take in what you can. It seems like a lot of new information, but soon it will begin to click and make sense. There is lots of discernment to practice, and somehow it just becomes easier at some point. Implementing a new routine, it does take time, so be gentle with yourself. Important things to keep in mind.
  • Be patient and kind to yourself
  • Be open to new foods
  • Keep up some daily form of stretching, moving, cardio excersie.
  • Cook at home as much as you can, experiment this really helps and feels good.
  • Stick to the diet considerations, but also treat it as an investigation. Try to remember that every diet recommendation is not for every person. Eggs may work for one, and not another. Beans and nuts are also a personal investigation.
  • Remember this is a practice, and learning how to balance your diet in this new (low carb) way takes just that, practice. Being calm, also helps you boost your immunity
  • Don't let the diet be a source of stress, use it as a guide, not rules.
  • Remember you are taking dietary changes to deprive the candida, not YOU! If thoughts come in about depriving yourself, then this is a moment to pause, and check in and remember your WHY, so you can re-frame this moment to taking care of yourself, not depriving. Counter these feeling by exploring new foods, that are delicious and nourishing to YOUR system, not the candida.
  • Listen to your body! This is most important! As you move through this diet and cleansing process, you will continue to learn, and it will change as you clear and reboot.
  • REMEMBER to take your probiotics!!!

In Wellness and Love,


ps. please remember I am available daily by email. you all have been very quiet!

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Additonal Cleansing Tools and Practices Recommended

Detox Baths - if you have a tub you enjoy, try and take a bath as much as possible while in this process. Be sure to drink lots of water.
-1 cup Epson Salt
- 4 drops each Lavender, Geranium, Sandelwood or Vetvier, Lemongrass essential oil ( I like to add these first to a small amount of sesame oil which holds the oils in the water and moisten the skin)
- soak 30 minutes or a long as comfortable

Colonics- Wait until the end of week 2 to schedule your first Colonic. You can find one easily through the internet in your area. I like the LIBBE equipment, which they have at http://www.colonicsantamonica.com/ if you are local in Los Angeles. Be sure to have time to rest and relax after you have this procedure. Follow the instructions from your colonic therapist about how to prepare. I would not recommend eating meat 48 hours before this or afterwards. Broth soups and vegetable smoothies, are best.

Often this is such a powerful detox, that one might feel a bit immune compromised afterwards, so rest, take care, and take your probiotics!

If you have the essential oils, its a good time to also take some On Guard oil.

Oil Pulling - I recommend beginning this once you feel settled into the morning routine with the purge drink, as it adds another layer to your cleansing morning.

I do this as i am playing with my pup, making the morning vegetable juice, or checking emails.

the procedure - The oil pulling /swishing is done best before breakfast.

In the morning, before breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon of unrefined sesame oil, or coconut in the mouth but do not swallow it. Move Oil slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing, sip, suck and pull through the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, as it becomes toxic. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough. It is then spit from the mouth , the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed and mouth must be washed thoroughly. Just use normal tap water and good old fingers to clean.

here is a video to help demonstrate I found on line!


*I recommend adding Lemon, or On Guard Essential oil, as an added support, and it feels great too.*

Coffee Enimas
This is for the brave and more experienced cleansers.
When a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxifier. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. This frees up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream. The coffee does not go into the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is done improperly.

Only with Organic coffee please! This is an extra recommendation, which helps to move the detoxification into the liver. I recommend waiting this until at least week 3 or even 4 of your cleanse if you want to do this.
Then only 1-2 enemas a week.

The coffee enema enhances digestion by increasing bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine so they will not be absorbed.

Step 1- Materials

* Buy a 2-quart enema bag with a clamp. This is sold at drug stores. The enema/douche bag combination is easier to use because you can close the top.
* Buy organically grown coffee

Step 2 - Prepare the coffee -

* Place 2 to 3 cups of purified water and 1 teaspoon of coffee in a saucepan and bring to a boil (or use a coffee maker to percolate the coffee quickly).
After a few enemas, you will see how much coffee you can tolerate comfortably and perhaps you can increase to a tablespoon over time. Eventually one can increase to two tablespoons per enema.
* Let it boil 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow it to cool. One or two ice cubes may be added to speed the cooling process. You may make a larger quantity and use it for several enemas.
NOTE: Body temperature feels hot when you place your finger in it. If the water is too hot or too cold, retaining the enema will be more difficult.

* Only when the mixture is about body temperature, strain the liquid through a fine strainer or coffee filter paper into a clean enema bag. Screw on the top of the enema bag. The enema is now ready.

Step 3. Preparing to take the enema

* Have a bowel movement before doing the enema. This is important, as otherwise you will not be able to retain the enema in most cases and there could be a mess on the floor! To have a bowel movement, the best method is to drink many glasses of spring or distilled water beforehand. If you have not had a bowel movement, take a plain water enema first, before the coffee enema. This will usually clean out the bowel quickly and effectively.

* Be sure the plastic hose is pushed or fastened well onto the enema bag and the thin enema tip is attached to the other end.
* Remove any air from the enema tube the following way. Grasp but do not close the clamp on the hose. Place the tip in the sink. Hold up the enema bag above the tip until the water begins to flow out. Then close the clamp. This expels any air in the tube.
* Lubricate the enema tip with a small amount of oil. (Too much lubrication will cause the tip to fall out of the rectum, creating a mess!).

Step 4. Taking the enema

* The position preferred by most people is lying on one's back on a towel, on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub, or laying on your side.
* With the clamp closed, place the enema bag on the floor next to you, or hang the bag about one foot above your abdomen.
* Insert the tip gently and slowly. Move it around until it goes all the way in.
* Open the clamp and hold the enema bag about one foot above the abdomen. The water may take a few seconds to begin flowing. If the water does not flow, you may gently squeeze the bag. If you develop a cramp, close the hose clamp, turn from side to side and take a few deep breaths. The cramp will usually pass quickly.
* When all the liquid is inside, the bag will become flat. Close the clamp. You can leave the tube inserted, or remove it slowly.
* RETAIN THE ENEMA FOR 15 MINUTES (less time is okay, but not quite as effective). You may remain lying on the floor. Use the time to read a book, meditate, relax.

Step 5. Finishing up

* After 15 minutes or so, go to the toilet and empty out the water. It is okay if some water remains inside. If water remains inside often this is a sign you are dehydrated.
* Wash the enema bag and tube thoroughly with soap and water.
* if you feel out of sorts or a little bloated after the enema, rub your feet, and lay down and rest afterwards.

For those that need a bit more explaining, I found this video to be very helpful. Although,
please keep in mind I do not recommend doing them as much as she does, but she demonstrates it great!


Juicing Can be a great way to you fuel your cleansing process. I also believe in starting the day off with a vegetable juice as often as possible. Its best on an empty stomach, and 1/2 away from foods after you take in the juice as well. Often I will see people drinking a vegetable juice with there meals, with is a very difficult on the digestion, and also they will not receive all the benifits of the juice this way.
An important consideration: if you have high levels of yeast symptoms, I recommend doing green smoothis for the first few weeks, untill these symptoms have minamized, and then you can add in the juices. Juicing assimliates so quickly, so it very important to follow some juicing guidelines.
  • Avoid juicing fruits, beets, and very minimal carrots
  • juice very minimally kale, chard and cabbage. Vegetables from the cruciferous family. these can suppress the thyroid, when eaten in high quantites raw. When your thyroid is underactive your energy is low, and its more difficult to heal.
  • Drink Vegetable Juice on an Empty stomach. Best as the first meal of the day. And wait at least 45 minutes before your next meal.
  • Add lemon and ginger to your greens, it helps with flavor as well as balances and warms.
  • Drink the juice as soon as you can after juicing. If you need to store it, in an air tight jar is best.

A great recipe

Celery (50%)

Zucchini (30%)

Romaine lettuce (10%)

Parsley (5 %)




Blended Vegetables will provide you with a raw food meal that provides you with many nutrients and enzymes as well as the fiber that will help in this cleansing process. Blending the veggies makes them much easier to digest.
Because of the fiber the vegetables will metabolize more slowly then in a juice, so its a more balanced way to get the nutrients.


Everything organic, if possible
Unsweetned almond milk/ or a thai young coconut water with the meat cut open.
1 cucumber
1 lemon
a few springs of parsley and cilantro
1 zucchini
2-3 stalks of celery
1-2 leaves of swiss chard
tumeric powder 1/2 teaspoon
ginger to taste
cinnamon powder 1/2 teaspoon.
raw vanilla powder 1/4 teaspoon (or to taste)
pinch of salt
you can also add chia seeds to this or a different protein powder (that has no sugar)