Sports of Ancient Greece



Sports in ancient Greec are a lot a lot like ours in the USA. Instead of the olympics they have something called The Ancient Games. They have different judges from all around The world. The sports area little different from the ones we play. But they do have some similar ones.

What was the most loved and watched sport.

The most loved and watched sport is football known as soccer⚽️

These are some sports in Ancient Greece

Who watched the games? Unlike the modern Olympics, judges did not come from all over the Greek world, but were drawn from Elis, the local region which included Olympia. The number of judges increased to 10 as more events were added to the Olympics. Even though the judges were all Eleans, local Elean Greeks were still allowed to compete in the Olympics. The Elean people had such a reputation for fairness that an Elean cheating at the Games was a shock to other Greeks.

She was a horse racer and the most famous in the ancient games at her time. She was a Greek princess and very talented