List for School Messenger

Upload or Create lists

Upload a list from Excel

Did someone send you an excel spreadsheet of students who need to be contacted?

Uploading a list of select students into SchoolMessenger can be completed in a few easy steps! You will learn to:

  1. Save excel as a CSV file
  2. Upload list into SchoolMessenger

Manipulating your excel data

Choose your CSV file

Make sure the button for ID# Lookup is checked. Choose you CSV file and then click on Next. This will find the student and their TEAMS records.

ID# lookup links Student ID to Contact Information

You are done adding the list from the csv file, please go and continue your broadcast with Message Content and then Review and Send your message.

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How to Create Lists for Specific Grade Levels

Do you ever send out SchoolMessenger alerts that only pertain to a certain grade?

For example,

  • 8th Grade Dance
  • 5th Grade Play Day
  • Senior Skip Day

I am going to show you how to create a custom list for specific grade levels. This will only call the parents in that grade! :)

Step 1: Click on Broadcast Tab > Lists > Add New List

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Step 2: Add List Name > Select a Field

Under List Builder please select a List Name and Then Click the arrow by Field drop down.

You can pick the grade level in the Field Section.

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Step 3: Choose Fields > Add > Done

You can choose your school (this grabs all faculty and students.)

You can also customize it by Grade Level or other fields.

Target Recipients should be on the Both bullet, and do not touch the Guardian Category Restriction bullets.

After you see the Total number go up, please preview your list to make sure it is correct.

If correct, press Done at the bottom of your screen.

The list will automatically update when new students are enrolled.

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