Muenster Elementary Awards

4th six week 2020-2021

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Like so many other activities over the past year, elementary UIL was affected too by the Covid pandemic. However, Muenster Elementary was determined to conduct an academic meet. Keeping in mind the safety and health of the students, Muenster decided to host an in-house meet. Muenster students were able to compete against other Muenster students in a variety of UIL contests. One hundred nineteen students in grades 2nd-6th participated in the UIL meet that was held the last week of February.
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2nd Grade UIL

Music Memory: Tie for 1st place-Declan S. and Gabe S., 3rd place-Aiden H., 4th place-Karli K., 5th place-Kyan C., and 6th place-Carter C.

Chess Puzzle: 1st place-Mikaela M., Tie for 2nd place-Declan S. and Benjamin B., 4th place-Kashlyn R., 5th place-Alexis S., and Tie for 6th place-Emma H. and Zayley S.

Creative Writing: 1st place-Zayley S., 2nd place-Sutton B., 3rd place-Aiden H., 4th place-Mikaela M., 5th place-Karli K., and 6th place-Hadley H.

Storytelling: 1st place-Karli K., 2nd place-Zayley S., 3rd place-Emma H., 4th place-Hadley H., 5th place-Macey R., and 6th place-Sutton B.

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3rd Grade UIL

3rd grade:

Chess Puzzle: 1st place-Taylor L., 2nd place-Avery V., 3rd place-Maci C., 4th place-Grayson P., and 5th place-Gunnar R.

Ready Writing: 1st place-Gunnar R., 2nd place-Karli K., 3rd place-Jayden L., 4th place-Tennyson B., 5th place-Madelyn P., and 6th place-Hudson N.

Music Memory: 1st place-Avery B., 2nd place-Tennyson B., 3rd place-Karli C., and 4th place Cylar K.

Spelling: 1st place-Nolan F., 2nd place-Madelyn P., 3rd place-Karli C., Tied for 4th place-Avery B. and Tennyson B., 6th place-Aubrey G.

Storytelling: 1st place-Braely H., 2nd place-Liv G., 3rd place-Aubrey G., 4th place-Caroline K., 5th place-Audrey H., and 6th place-Karli C.
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4th Grade UIL

4th grade:

Music Memory: 1st place-Jaxon B., 2nd place-Avynn B., 3rd place-Zec S., 4th place-Hayes F., 5th place-William S., 6th place-Kiley E.

Chess Puzzle: 1st place-Luke W., 2nd place-Madison F., Tied for 3rd place-Stockton B.and Arayah B., 5th place-Zec S., and 6th place-Titan B.

Number Sense: 1st place-Asher H., 2nd place-Titan B., 3rd place-Stockton B., 4th place-John F., 5th place-Zec S., and 6th place-James F.

Oral Reading: 1st place-Marni G., 2nd place-Holly K., 3rd place-Avynn B., 4th place-Addison H. 5th place-Roselyn H.

Ready Writing: 1st place-Christine K., 2nd place-Holly K., 3rd place-Hayes F., 4th place-Madison F., and 5th place-John F.

Spelling: 1st place-Asher H., 2nd place-Stockton B., 3rd place-Madison F., 4th place-James F., 5th place-Marni G., and 6th place-Kinsler K.

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5th Grade UIL

5th grade:

Chess Puzzle: 1st place-Mason B., 2nd place-Dalton M., 3rd place-Ryan K., 4th place-Carissa E., 5th place-Lynzie F., 6th place-Katelyn H.

Dictionary Skills: 1st place-Clara B., 2nd place-Peyton G., 3rd place-Darcy G., and 4th place-Sydney S.

Listening Skills: 1st place-Audrey H., 2nd place-Clara B., 3rd place-Katelyn H., 4th place-Caroline C., 5th place-Deegan N., and 6th place-Ryan K.

Music Memory: 1st place-Audrey H., and 2nd place-Sydney S.

Maps, Graphs, and Charts: 1st place-Darcy G., 2nd place-Katelyn H., 3rd place-Clara B., and 4th place-Peyton G.

Number Sense: 1st place-Dalton M., 2nd place-Clara B., 3rd place-Kinley D., 4th place-Brody B., 5th place-Peyton G., 6th place-Ryan K.

Oral Reading: 1st place-Kinley D., 2nd place Lynzie F., 3rd place-Audrey H., 4th place-Lorelei P., 5th place-Kaitlyn H., 6th place-Riley H.

Ready Writing: 1st place-Ryan K., 2nd place-Deegan N., and 3rd place-Dalton M.

Social Studies: 1st place-Darcy G., 2nd place-Dalton M., 3rd place-Katelyn H., Tied for 4th place-Colton L. and Collin G., and 6th place-Kale N.

Spelling: 1st place-Dalton M., 2nd place-Darcy G., and 3rd place-Carson K.

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6th Grade UIL

6th grade:

Calculator: 1st place-Savannah H., 2nd place-Hayden Ss, 3rd place-Adysen C., 4th place-Ava H., 5th place-Taylor S., and 6th place-Carly M.

Chess Puzzle: 1st place-Hayden S., 2nd place-Joseph R., 3rd place-Jack R., 4th place-Zadok S., and 5th place-Raven G.

Dictionary Skills: 1st place-Lilly J., 2nd place-Lucy K., and 3rd place-Adysen C.

Editorial Writing: 1st place-Caitlyn M., and 2nd place-Della W.

Impromptu Speaking: 1st place-Della W., 2nd place-Ava H., 3rd place-Emma M.

Listening Skills: 1st place-Hayden S., 2nd place-Ava H., 3rd place-Taylor S., 4th place-Brody C., 5th place-Jaycee B., and 6th place-Ava H.

Maps, Graphs, and Charts: 1st place-Tyler S., 2nd place-Lilly J., 3rd place-Kylie B., 4th place-Carson B., and 5th place-Angie H.

Math: 1st place-Brody C., 2nd place-Zadok S., and Tied for 3rd place-Colt W. and Hayden S.

Music Memory: 1st place-Tyler S., and 2nd place-Della W.

Number Sense: 1st place-Carson B., 2nd place-Hayden S., 3rd place-Brody C., 4th place-Tyler S., and 5th place-Kylie B.

Oral Reading: 1st place-Taylor S., 2nd place-Skyler R., 3rd place-Lucy K., 4th place-Zadok S., 5th place-Ava H., and 6th place-Hayden S.

Ready Writing: 1st place-Della W., 2nd place-Carly M., 3rd place-Taylor S., 4th place-Savannah H., 5th place-Lucy K., and 6th place-Caitlyn M.

Social Studies: 1st place-Ryder H., 2nd place-Tyler S., 3rd place-Savannah H., 4th place-Jesus C., 5th place-Emma M., and 6th place-Kaiden M.

Spelling: 1st place-Ava H., and Tied for 2nd place-Cooper H. and Brady K.

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  • Terrific kid Award - Kiwanis Club of Muenster sponsors the Terrific Kids Program. The guidelines for being a Terrific Kid are: being on time, practicing good attendance, working to the best of your ability, and respecting people, privacy, and property.
  • Good Character Award - A person of character is trustworthy, treats others with respect, is responsible, practices fairness, is caring and compassionate, and displays good citizenship.
  • The 110% Award - Students who earn the 110% award work hard to give more than is expected. Hard work is acknowledged and rewarded at Muenster Elementary.
  • The Principal's Choice Award - A very cool bracelet is awarded each six weeks to a student from each class for a particular achievement by our principal, Mrs. Sicking.
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Principal's Awards: 4th Six Weeks
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Mrs. Jackie Reynold's Pre-K Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Emily B., McKinley M., Ansley S., Bentley W.

Good Character - Axeton W.

110% Award - Louisa F.

Principal's Award -Karter B. - Always being a good listener, a good student, & a good friend

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Mrs. Katie Thomas' Pre-K Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Kinley K., Tyler W., Briggs M., Haizley W.

Good Character - Darcy A.

110% Award - Kodi B.

Principal's Award - Braxton M. - Always a good friend to everyone & willing to learn new things

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Mrs. Kristin McCoy's Kindergarten Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Jayla C., Karly L., Reagan P.

Good Character - Morgan F.

110% Award - Kimbrie B.

Principal's Award - Blayne S. - He is such a hard worker and is trying his best everyday!

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Mrs. Rebecca Thomas' Kindergarten Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Claire K., Louis K., Braxton H.

Good Character - Isaac M.

110% Award - Tressa C.

Principal's Award - Karaline C. - A great attitude & a fabulous student

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Mrs. Amy Huchton's 1st Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - James M., Braylan H., Heston H.

Good Character - Yanitza C.

110% Award - Cody F.

Principal's Award - Caroline E. - A good friend to all & has a great attitude

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Mrs. Jill Reiter's 1st Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid -Allie K., Danni W., Bryleigh N.

Good Character - Sawyer S.

110% Award - Kasen B.

Principal's Award - Emeri V. - Smart girl - Always contributes to the class

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Mrs. Kim Budish's 2nd Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Clayton V., Ryan D.., Kashlyn R.

Good Character - Macey R.

110% Award - James S.

Principal's Award - Tristan F. - Works hard & always kind

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Mrs. Lisa Hoepfner's 2nd Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Kyan C., Aiden H., Samantha L.

Good Character -Drue C.

110% Award - Alexis S.

Principal's Award - Karli K. - Has a great attitude & always tried her best

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Mrs. Amy Anderle's 3rd Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Pamela F., Audrey H., Anthony S., Summer S.

Good Character - Madden W.

110% Award - Maci H.

Principal's Award - Nolan F. - Completes his work with care

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Mrs. Dianne Endres' 3rd Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Cylar K., Avery V., Kyler R., Tennyson B.

Good Character - Karli C.

110% Award - Chevy F.

Principal's Award - Taylor L. - Gives 100% in everything she does

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Mrs. Deb Klement's 4th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - John F., Marni G., Christine K., Sage L.

Good Character - Mason S.

110% Award - Liam H.

Principal's Award - Sydney W. - Made great leaps to her new school

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Mrs. Cheryl Presnall's 4th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Madison F., Nate G., Addison H.

Good Character - Luke W.

110% Award - Parker K.

Principal's Award - Holly K. - She is a hard working, responsible student who always does her best.

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Mrs. Bernadette Otto's 5th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Austin B., Brailynn C., Rylee H., Clara B.

Good Character - Noah E.

110% Award - Colton L.

Principal's Award - Carter M. - a good friend, polite, works hard

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Mrs. Michelle Sicking's 5th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Collin G., Katelyn H., Ryan K.

Good Character - Carson K.

110% Award - Christopher H.

Principal's Award - Deegan N. - Comes to class with a positive attitude - Always works hard in class

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Mrs. Dyan Huchton's 6th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Seth P., Clara B.

Good Character - Angie H.

110% Award - Jack R.

Principal's Award - Joseph R. - works hard

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Mrs. Walterscheid's 6th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Emma M., Ava H., Lucy K.

Good Character - Carson B.

110% Award - Tyler S.

Principal's Award - Shelbie H. - Works hard, kind to all, great attitude

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Mrs. Waneck's 6th Grade Class Awards

Terrific Kid - Jaycee B., Jack L., Ryder H.

Good Character - Taylor S.

110% Award - Skyler R.

Principal's Award - Traelei P. - Works hard, has adapted well, good attitude

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