virtual resume

By: Jazmine Wellington

Academic Goal

s-My goal is to graduate grade 12 with an 80% or above average in my arts classes that i take.

M-I love art, but i don't like taking classes on art. i do plan of going into a job field that involves me being able to showcase my art so having a good mark in art will really help me. my plan is to take my school work home whenever i am allowed to and completing assignments on time. i could also ask my art teachers for mark updates and when one isn't able to be provided to me, i will look through my assessments and average out what my mark would most likely be. when i am finished an assignment i can ask f or extra credit work to boost my mark just so i am sure that if i fail o complete something to the best of my abilities, i will have done extra work to compensate.

A-I will complete and hand in all my assignments and attend my classes as frequently as possible to pay attention and understand the lesson. i will also study for tests and quizzes and anything else that helps me to get a better understanding of how well i understand the unite. communication is one I my best strengths so when i don't

understand something i know that i will be able to fully elaborate on what i am talking about. Though i am good with communication i want t improve on not being so bias in my work because i can never really tell when my work can improve, i just always think that it is the best it can be, so talking with the teacher periodically and asking everything thing us being done to her standards.

R- This is important to me because I like art and hope to one day be a professional artist so doing well in my art courses is very important. i believe that i can achieve this goal because it is about me bettering myself and as long as i am focused this task wont be hard to complete.

T-I hope to complete this goal by the end of grade 12 so that i will have good marks for whatever college i plan to go to i can complete. my smaller goals will be working hard and making sure that i do every single summative to the best of my ability and checking in with my teachers while working to make sure that i am doing the best i can . i will also study heard for tests because art doesn't have an exam.

volunteering goal

S-before i graduate i hope to have over 150 hours of volunteering done.

M- i can complete this goal by between now and grade 12 because you need a minimum of 40 hours to graduate and i have almost gotten all my hours in my first year of high school by looking at opportunities online and talking with my guidance councilor, i can find volunteering opportunities all over Brampton. by even spending time at my old school and help out with old teachers will also help me wit getting more hours.

A- small actions I ca take is scheduling certain times after school that i can spend volunteering. my old school had this company that gave kids an opportunity to go to workshops for things like art, and helping with children, or volunteering at a seniors home and getting hours for that. A strength for me is that I am very loyal to my word, so whatever i say I'm gonna do i will do. A weaknesses that could prevent me from completing this task is that when summer vacation start i will be working full time so I will be limited to just volunteering on my days off.

R-i can do this goal because i have gotten off to a great start and there are so many opportunities for me to complete this. this is important because certain places offer scholarships to people with good grade and lots of volunteering hours so completing this goal will be very beneficial to me.

T- I hope to achieve this goal by the end of grade 12. completing this goal would be an easy task because i will be doing small things like helping out teams after school like rugby, or the wrestling team, i also plan ti sign up for team crew next year.


30 bunchgrass place
brampton, Ontario


I enjoy to dance and sing

I enjoy participating in different activities

I am a very inclusive person

I like to create art


sheridan college

Makeup for Media and Creative Arts

brampton, ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

louise arbour secondary school

highschool diploma

brampton, ontario

September 2014 - June 2018


own busniess

makeup for special events

brampton, ontaio

June 2016 - June 2020

canadas wonderland


brampton, ontario

May 2016 - October 2016

The babbysitter


Brampton, Ontario

February 2012 - December 2013


arts program

June 2016 - September 2016


Rose Theatre

studio production

brampton, ontario

June 2017 - Present


· Ability to manage and organize information

· Budget and time monitoring

· Leadership and management

· Ability to prepare written materials

· Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments


graduated with honours

September 2012


Media and Creative Arts makeup artiest

June 2020


· I like art

· i like to dance

· i like drama


john, manager, rose theater, 905631854,


rachel, manager, canadas Wonderland, 9058327401,\

Jazmine Wellington




30 bunchgrass place
brampton, Ontario


June 16, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills

toronto , Ontario

Re: Freelance Makeup Artist/ Retail Demonstrator

To Mrs, Beverlyhills,

This role applies to me because i am interested i creating beautiful art for an making look they way they want to look. this role will give me a lot of experience and allow me to have an even better understanding of the business than i already do. i would like this job to provide me with skills and and working in real time for management

i am able to provide Anastasia Beverly Hills with Anastasia's Signature Brows and Colour Applications, in an up scale professional environment an efficient amount of time. i am great with time management and organization. i will be able to really bring out the best in this company.

in my resume you will find all my qualifications and background will lead me to being the most promising candidate and and provide the best and most accurate depiction of what your are looking for in a look. my understanding of the craft will make will allow for excellent results.Please feel free to call me at any time to discuss the requirements of this position.

thank you for your time

Jazmine Wellington

Challenges and Solutions

Being selected:

One issue that MUA’s ( makeup artists) go through is a selection process. Just like any job, you go to an interview with your resume, then after the interview you wait to be selected. If you were to get the job you will have it for as long as you need. But as a makeup artist the timelines are always varying. You would go to an interview and show your resume, and your portfolio, then wait to be selected. Some projects will only need you for one day, while others may need you to work for weeks or months( for movies and TV shows). When this happens there are lots and lots of people that can apply for this position some that have lots of training and some that are self taught and have no schooling or experience. Because being a MUA is basically your own business, my solution is to always be marketing in my brand and on social media. I can do this by creating my own website, Facebook page,etc and show all of my clients( with their consent ) and constantly be posting my work online so that others are able to see my work and have a look at what I am able to create rather than just handing in my portfolio.

After the selection process:

Another issue that MUA’s face is long hours. Some days working with a client you may have to work overtime like in any job, but as a makeup artist you make be needed to start as early as 1am for a particular look, finish as late as 12am. Shooting TV shows and movies can really require any amount of time to work causing a MUA to always be on call. To complain about varying hours seems unprofessional and is kind of frowned upon. A solution to this problem in just to stay hydrated and fed to make sure that doesn't add to my tiredness, and to be sure that after to finishing on a project taking enough time to rest before starting another one because MUA is running around all day making sure the clients are always looking perfect as they can be, so there isn't really time to stop and rest. Another solution is once I am making a substantial amount of money and have advanced in my career I will hire an assistant and will train them to be able to fill in and make sure the client is up-to-par when I am tired or need to leave.