How To Train Your Dragon

how to cheat a dragon's curse


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON suite composed by John Powell by aidil94

Main Characters


There are some places in the world that are breathtaking and others that are magical. The setting in this book is the total opposite of both of those. It's Berk! It's extremely cold most of the year, and the other part of the year is boiling hot. They don't have dogs or cats. They tame the mightiest of beasts...dragons. Although dragons can be trained, they are also a problem. Some guard treasure and riches, and others attack houses and homes. How do they live with it? Well, you will have to read the books to find that out.

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The conflict in this book is very unusual. Hiccup's friend, Fishlegs, was bit by a poisonous dragon and falls ill. Unfortunately, the only antidote for the bite is "The Vegetable Noone Dare Names", a potato. There is only one of these vegetables in the area, so Hiccup and his friend Camicazi journey to get it from a crazy Viking called "Norbert the Nutjob", who is guarding it. When they get there, Norbert captures them and holds them prisoner. Eventually, they escape, Camicazi fights Norbert with her sword, and they make it back to Fishlegs with the potato.


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The theme, "You can do anything you set your mind to", is shown throughout the novel. Hiccup was able to get past the most feared tribe of Vikings in order to save his friend even though he had many obstacles. First, he was always being made fun of for his size and strength. Second, his dad didn't seem to have confidence in him. Last, his dragon wasn't very big and wasn't as fierce as other dragons. Nevertheless, Hiccup was able to defeat the Vikings and capture the antidote for his friend.

Book Review

If you like stories about the past, mixed in with action, adventure, and a little bit of suspense, then you would like this book. First, I especially like how the author (Cressida Cowell) portrays each dragon by giving them unique characteristics. My favorite is Toothless, the garden dragon, because he is sneaky and funny. Next, I like all the challenges Hiccup goes through. Some are small and easy, and others are big and hard. I also liked the author's use of words and vocabulary. In conclusion, I give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars. It is great to read that is funny, adventurous, and fast paced!

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