Smells like nostalgia....

Ecaterina Prodan

Why I chose this topic?And how the answer can be helpful?

I chose this topic, because I'm really interested in how "smell memory" works. Because I travel a lot, almost all my life, it is really interesting for me, how some "smell " can bring me back in time, or back to another country and remained me something, I may forgot .

Answer that Ill get, will really help me, to understand myself and my brain more.


The sense of smell is closely linked with memory.

So smell& memory is basicly, when smell bring you nostalgia, some kind of memory, they can be good or bad.

Whats happening in the brain?

Smell from your nose, goes straight to the olfactory bulb(the smell-analyzing region in your brain)which is connected to the amygdala and hippocampus(which are parts of the brain that help to handle memory and emotions)

So lets see an example. When I was little, I loved spending time with my grandma, and she would always cook me macaroni and cheese, while cooking she was always singing a song, and I loved to sing along. And know, 10 years later, every time I smell macaroni and cheese, it brings me back memories, about grandma and her silly song. :))))

The Research&Psychologists

Arshamian and collegaues found evidence to suggest that memories triggered by an odor (like the scent of a rose) were making activity in the limbic system, but smells can also bring negative emotions, and memories.Vermetten and Bremner conducted studies of individuals diagnosed with PTSD who experience this phenomenon. One patient frequently experienced bad memories, feelings of guilt when smelling diesel. And this is because 30 years ago he experienced terrible accident,in which he couldn't safe his friend. In his mind he could see the burning vehicle, doors ajar, and billows of fire , every time he smell diesel.

Interesting facts

Did you know that everyone had a unique sense of smell, no two people smell the same way.Unique just like fingertips.

And woman's sence of smell is much stronger than mans.

Our sence of smell is stronger in the spring and summer , and that's because of added moisture in the air.

People smell only 65% of actual smell after a year. :)))))