Health and Wellness

The Dimensions of Health and Wellness


Social wellness is being aware of, participating in, and feeling connected to your community.

Vocational / Occupational

Vocational/ Occupational health starts by matching your original values or interests, hobbies, employment or volunteer work.


Physical health is when you respect your body, and being a part of practices that help you become more healthier person.


Intellectual health includes all the things you have learned throughout your life, either things you learn in school, or things you learn in the real world.


Emotional wellness is when you become more aware, use more expression, and accept a wide variety of thoughts and feelings in yourself and others around you.


Environmental health is when you try to take good care of your personal environment, and when you do something to help your world.


Spiritual wellness is when you involve an inner connection and harmony between yourself and the wonder, majesty and mystery of the universe.