Events in the Civil Rights Movement

How The World Changed

1954 Brown v the Board of Education

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously in to overturn the Plessy v Ferguson ruling that segregated schools.

1955 Rosa Parks Arrested

Parks refused to give up her spot on a Montgomery city bus that triggered the Montgomery bus boycott

1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott

MLK Jr. led the boycott of city buses in Montgomery following Rosa Parks arrest.

1957 Ruby Bridges

Bridges becomes the first black girl in an all white school. She was part of the Little Rock Nine

1957 Southern Christian Leadership Conference formed

The SCLC was founded by Martin Luther King to help work for equality.

1959 Motown Records created

Motown Records was the first record company that was willing to work with black people. Helped to gain fame for people such as the Supremes and Diana Ross when she went solo.