Open Hose Smore

By:Stephanie Phares

Earthquakes PBL

How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity.

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This project was a great exterience. We got to build our own house for Tony Stark which was really fun. The most fun thing to do was imagine what our house would do, how it would look and use our imagination to skech it and build it. What I was really impressed with is that for the shake test the teacher said that not a lot of people made it threw and we did. It was fun to use teamwork to make this wonderfull project and work all together to make this wonderfull thing. I think that this project was a great idea and I don't regret at all what I did.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

30hands project

We had a very long time to do the 30hands project but I wanted to get over it during spring break so unfotunatelly for two weeks I didn't get homewrk. The 30hands project, of caurse forced you to reaserch information and at the same time inrich your knoledge. This project held much information on the earth's pollution like greenhouse effect, it helps us realize what we're doing wrong and makes us think before acting.
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Our invention is called the robohelper. It helps by conserving electricity and having the solar panel. This invention can help people all around the world because it can do many things as one. This robot has three buttons one red, one blue, and lastly one green, these buttons are each used for different things; the red one is used for transportation and you could choose any vehicles you want, the blue one is used to charge any electronic you need to chart, finally the green one is used to activate his capability of Detecting lights that are still on or any senses of energy. By doing all of this without using any carbon dioxide or without polluting this world will be a lot easier and a lot cleaner.