Panther Roar!!


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Thank you to Marisa Ramirez for braving the rain and 80 teen-age actors to travel with us to the Renaissance Festival. Your help was invaluable!

-Stacy Meisetschlaeger

Siri Ralph and Jennifer Morgan for their wizardry in preparing for our next early release with the goal of maximizing student engagement while simplifying the process for staff. You ladies are gifted!

-Laura Gibson

I wold love to give a HUGE KUDO to Robin Young. Four years ago when I started at Ridgeview, she was the second person I met. From that very first day she made me feel so welcomed. She has taught me so much and I so appreciate her. Thank you Robin!

-Ann Houston

  • 8th grade U.S. History did an awesome job with the Veteran's Day program!
  • Thanks to the teachers that were out in full force and supervising their advisories during the parade.
-Daisy Woods

8th Grade History is an amazing group to work with! They are always willing to help and do their part! I love being a part of this team!

-Mara Webster

Thank you Maki, Stark, Perez, Rozsa, Alexander, and Sralla for all of the incredible assistance you have provided for me as first year 6th Grade Science teacher. Everyone says that the first year is the hardest test for teachers but I have been enjoying my time so far and I am confident that I will continue to be successful thanks to team 6-1, the 6th Grade Science Department, and the rest of the amazing Ridgeview Middle School faculty.

-Christopher Lucas

Kudos to Siri Ralph and all of the other people who have revamped the Early Release/Enrichment Sessions.

-Linda Kay

Thanks to the coaches for sharing their gym space for adults to practice ... and thanks to everyone who is giving up their time to play and help with the event! Even if you can't attend, please help us hype up the event by talking about it with your students.

-Siri Ralph

  • Thanks so much to Ms. Pfluger for helping change out the toner in 409. You saved the day!!
  • Thanks so much to Mr. Westbrooks for getting the Round Rock Donuts for Cafe Pantera!!
-Tracy Bentley

  • Kudos to Jennifer Morgan and Siri Ralph for the countless hours (and spreadsheets) they have spent making Early Release a much better experience for both students and teachers!

  • Kudos to Ms. Troxler for being so proactive in terms of meeting with students and helping to address issues!
-Jennifer Ratica

  • Thank you to Mr. Mutscher, Ms. Troxler, Ms. Ramirez, and Ms. Roberts for being at the 7th grade dance. They've got killer dance moves!!

  • Big thank you to Ms. Davis for being at the 7th grade dance. The kids loved seeing you there dancing with them!

  • Thank you to Ana and Marisa for facilitating all of our lunch deliveries, you all are awesome!
-Leticia Sihala

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Please come cheer on your co-workers during the 2nd Annual Staff vs. Student Volleyball Game next Friday, November 21st starting at 4:00 pm. We are seeking redemption after last year's disappointing loss. We can use all the support that we can get. Tickets are $2 at the door and only $1 with the donation of a canned food item. Even if you can't attend, please help us hype up the event by talking about it with your students. Hope to see you there!
Lanell Baker-11/03, Linda Gregory - 11/06, Hilary Perez- 11/11, Mara Webster - 11/12, Jessica Maki - 11/14, Chris Loftis - 11/21, Patrice Barlow - 11/24, Tracy Bentley- 11/28