Hey Tyler

Logging out is an important step on accounts at school

Important Notice

Dear Kevin Tyler Henneforth,

We noticed when attempting to log onto smore that you had neglected to log out. This not only creates an inconvenience for ME when trying to log in, but also creates a dangerous situation which could potentially ruin your flyer which you have already made. However, being the kind hearted souls we are, we have instead decided to leave you some helpful hints. Indeed, we believe adding more detail may aid you in receiving the grade that you wish to get. Your section about science was particularly lacking in enthusiasm and detail. In addition to this, we recommend removing the word 'hate' and instead inserting a more appropriate word such as 'dislike' or stating that 'I have a disfavor of the subject of science.' We would most likely have even more suggestions, but your flyer was so poorly detailed it bored us and we could not read any further. In conclusion, we hope that this note will help dictate your future behavior on remembering to log out on school computers and also will strongly urge you to rethink and edit your flyer.



P.S. we thoroughly enjoyed your picture.