Local Vote


Problem at Hand

The town will be having a vote on whether or not to build a new gym for the High School on February 14, 2013. The town is divided on their views of it being built or not.

Bandwagon- Keep Calm and Build On

Our community needs this gym. One reason for needing this gym is that the one we have is currently not suitable for some people, that being it is not handicap accessible. With our current gym we are not able to hold conference and tournament events due to the size. By not being able to hold such things we are losing a great deal of money each year. Every town person should be for this gym because it will only do good for this community


By building this gym our school will be able to hold conference events, WaMac tournaments, and post season games. Keeping our old gym is only hurting our school and community. With this old gym we currently have we can not hold any of the events previously stated, our school is losing money because they have to pay the Community Recreation Center money to use their gym for practices, and it does not meet state regulations because it is not handicap accessible.

Glittering Generalities

By creating this gym it would increase the value of our town and school greatly. People who don't live in Williamsburg would visit our school for an event and be very impressed by how much the future generation is to the community. Building this gym would give us a huge sense of accomplishment because it would give us the tools to better the younger generations. Just remember Williamsburg, Keep Calm and Vote on!