WANTED by Blaine

Asta's son is wanted DEAD


Asta's son is a sinner and no body knows were he is. Asta's son broke the curfew. He broke into the lords house and stole trilling. He broke three laws. the curfew, thief, and broke into the lords house. The reward is 20 trilling. He is wanted dead. He has a wolf head so its okay to kill him.



Asta's son is wanted for 20 trills. He is wanted dead. If he is returned alive the reward will be ten trills. To contact us send a message to the 5th house in lord funerals village. We will give you the reward if you show us the body. His mother died so he went crazy the day she did. That is what made him steal.

How to contact

Send a message to that house. To collect reward come to the house with his body