Internet safety

follow these rules to keep your self safe

Set your personal info to private.

  • Set your accounts to private.
  • Never share your phone number.
  • And never put your email on the internet.

Be careful who trust online.

  • Don't talk to people you don't know.
  • Just cause they tell you what you want to hear doesn't mean that you can trust them.
  • Don't tell some one that you don't know where you live.

Know your privacy settings and be careful who you friend.

Make sure you block or unfollow people you don't know.

Don't talk to any one online that you do not know.

Set every thing to private.

protect your passwords

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use different numbers in your pass word.
  • Make sure you also use symbols.

know and avoid schemes and scams

  • Don't click on pop up ads that you don't know
  • Review the app before you download.
  • If you get a random email from an unknown address block or delete do not open.