You are Invited - 6th November!

North Coast Initiative for School Improvement Symposium

How a focus on collaborative support for leadership growth can help you and your school community.

Do you want to hear about a process which can help school leaders better tie together Performance and Development planning, School Plans, Building capacity to collect and use evidence for growth, Professional accreditation and The School Excellence Framework?

Bring a new focus to your leadership and the leadership of others - an antidote to feeling overwhelmed!

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We have been Listening!

The North Coast Initiative for School Improvement is now a one day event for current participants and other school leaders interested in learning more about how a focus on supporting leadership growth through a process of collaborative inquiry can result in improved learning outcomes for students.

As 2015 moves towards an end we want to celebrate the achievements from the first 12 months of our exciting new learning community. We want to bring all our participants together with other school leaders and leadership teams to share our learning. We have some powerful stories to tell and some compelling evidence of impact.

We also want to hear your questions and feedback - this is chance for us to start a peer validation process.

Collaboratively we can look at ways we can refine and grow the project into 2016.

We have responded to feedback from schools and modified our program. Our planning is guided by the following principles:

  • To clearly communicate through powerful personal narrative how involvement with this project has helped school leaders, and school communities, to clarify the directions they want to take to improve outcomes for students
  • To clearly communicate the positive personal and professional impact that this project has had on school leaders
  • To clearly communicate the processes and principles which have framed our work and why these are important
  • To provide compelling evidence of impact to date
  • To construct an event which would be useful for all who attend

We will be starting the day on the 6th of November with a free breakfast prior to the conference and opportunity for informal networking. The breakfast is optional for those people who would like to start the day with some food and networking.

We have set the day up to be more of a two way conversation - but a conversation with a powerful focus that asks:

  • How can we learn together?
  • What evidence should we accept to demonstrate that our visible leadership growth is having a positive impact?

We have developed a new program and a link to the program is provided below:

Agenda for Friday 6th November

If you want to learn more about leadership growth, collaborative inquiry and the impact it is having on fellow school leaders and students this is the day for you! Perhaps you and other school leaders would like to get involved in 2016?

Further information about registration

There is no cost other than the cost of casual relief for those school leaders from NSW Public Schools who have been participating in the North Coast Initiative for School Improvement.

School leaders from other NSW Public Schools who want to attend our symposium on the 6th will be asked them to make a small contribution of $35 towards the cost of catering for morning tea and lunch.

Any colleagues from other school systems or independent schools are asked to contact David Silcock to arrange your registration.

For anyone opting to attend breakfast - this will be free!

To register you intention to attend the North Coast Initiative for School Improvement please click on the appropriate registration button below by COB Friday 30th October.

Registration - November 6th

If you want to learn more about leadership growth, collaborative inquiry and the impact it is having on fellow school leaders and students - this is where you should register!

If you have any questions regarding the symposium, please email David Silcock (Principal School Leadership) using the email address Alternatively you can call me on 02 66235951 or 0407284031.
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