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What is ISIS?

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a some time ago al-Qaeda–aligned association known by the acronym ISIS, has been seizing urban communities in Iraq and complete mass killings. They are for the most part focused in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The objective is to fabricate an Islamic caliphate that will run the world. ISIS framed by the U.S. attack of Iraq in 2003. They have regulated subjection, assaulted and ethnically scrubbed numerous districts.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Where are they?

In political science and political history, the term power vacuum is an analogy between a physical vacuum, to the political condition "when someone has lost control of something and no one has replaced them." ISIS was able to grow as large as they have because of their network, leadership and former associations. ISIS was formed from a strong ignorance and intolerance for other ideas/beliefs in the middle east.


Personally, I am very against terrorism of any form. I believe that nothing ISIS is doing is right or logical. If I were president I would consult the league of nations and work with other countries. The matter of ISIS is not only an American threat but an international one and requires international forces. I would not close borders for muslims or natives of the middle east however I would make the screening process more rigorous for those individuals.


Mr. Anderson- He believes that what ISIS is doing can never be justifiable and is morally wrong on all levels. He thinks that the US should intervene more and help the people who are suffering.

Mrs. Aisabor- Thoughts align with Mr. Anderson, she describes the life she lived in Nigeria and how many people were afraid of the Boko Haram, affiliate of ISIS. She gives a perspective similar to the middle easterners living in such a hostile, hyper religious and ignorant environment