WINTER PARK BAND Weekly Newsletter

August 9, 2020


First Day of School - All Students on LaunchED

Monday, Aug. 10th, 7am

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Students will login to their virtual classes through CANVAS using the Conferences feature.


From Mr. Clemente

Dear Winter Park Band families,

Ready or not, here we go! Welcome to the start of a new school year!

As much as you all were able, I sincerely hope that everyone had a relaxing and fun Summer Break. I know that for many of us these past 5+ months have been very trying, stressful, and exhausting, but I am very ready and excited to see all of our students and parents again!

Please read below for guidelines for the first days of school, reminders of some updates from the previous couple weeks, and a couple "how-tos" with Band communication.

For all Band and Jazz classes tomorrow, the students only need themselves and maybe some notebook paper to jot down notes on how the first 9 days of LaunchED learning will take place. Most of tomorrow will be taken up by getting everyone on the same page and catching up after the Summer Break. Here are some tips to prepare for the first day:

  • ALL students should restart their computers this evening (Sunday) to allow time for any updates to take place.
  • FULLY CHARGE your laptop overnight and be close to an outlet tomorrow, just in case.
  • TEST YORU CAMERA AND MICROPHONE and be sure both are in working order.
  • CHECK YOUR INSTRUMENT to be sure it is in working order. We won't play on the first day of virtual classes, but we plan to start class playing on Tuesday!


Mr. Clemente


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Due to the precautions being taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have made adjustments to the financial obligations for the Band program for this coming year. These adjustments are made to reflect the changing costs of the Band program, and also in an effort to ease the burden of cost to our families during a difficult financial time. To be clear, this is not a permanent adjustment to the financial obligations of being a part of the Band as the program will be back to our traditional activity level in future years.


  • 5/5 Band Registration Fair Share - $25.00

  • 8/19 Fair Share Payment 1 - $25.00

  • 9/30 Fair Share Payment 2 - $25.00
  • 9/30 Jazz Fair Share Payment 1 (if applies) - $15.00
  • 9/30 School Instrument Semester 1 Maintenance (if applies) - $60.00

  • 1/6/2021 Jazz Fair Share Payment 2 (if applies) - $15.00
  • 1/6 School Instrument Semester 2 Maintenance (if applies) - $60.00

  • 3/3 Fair Share Payment 3 - $75.00


  • 5/5 Band Registration Fair Share - $25.00

  • 8/19 Fair Share Payment 1 - $25.00

  • 9/30 Fair Share Payment 2 - $25.00
  • 9/30 School Equipment Semester 1 Maintenance - $60.00

  • 12/2 Fair Share Payment 3 - $100.00

  • 1/6/2021 Fair Share Payment 4 - $100.00
  • 1/6 School Equipment Semester 2 Maintenance - $60.00

  • 3/3 Fair Share Payment 5 - $100.00

The changes to the schedule above will be reflected on the 2020/2021 Financial Obligations From over the coming couple days. This form will be sent to students on Monday, 8/10, and will need to be printed, signed, and returned either in person or via email scan (along with other forms) by 8/19.

Band Camp Meals Payments: For families who have made payments for Band Camp Meals, the $60.00 payment will be automatically applied as credit on your student’s Charms account to be used towards future Band payments. However, if a family would choose to do so, the Band Camp Meals payment is also refundable due to the cancelation of camp. If your family would choose to have the $60.00 refunded, please email Mr. Clemente directly so he can begin the refund process.

Fundraising: The Band will continue to offer fundraisers in an effort to provide opportunities for our Band families to offset out of pocket payments towards Band payments. The Band Booster Board will be meeting soon to discuss the schedule of fundraisers to be offered. Along with other opportunities, we still plan to be operating our traditional DOOR-2-DOOR fundraiser in early February in some fashion.

Color Guard: At the current time, we are looking forward to still having a winter FFCC season. Realistically, there is a possibility it could not materialize, but for now the Fair Share schedule for the winter/spring portion of the school remains at a level we would need in order to operate the Winter Guard. Mrs. Johnson and I will reevaluate as the first semester progresses.

Show Shirts: This school year, we will not be ordering our traditional show shirts. We will, however, still have a shirt specific to this year given to students and available for purchase by their families. This shirt will be designed and voted on by the students over the first week of school. More information forthcoming.


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The vast majority of LaunchED curriculum will take place on CANVAS this school year. if students have questions about what was covered in class and what materials they are/will be responsible for that day or week, please check your canvas class first.

To access CANVAS, students will visit and enter their student login information. Then, click on the CANVAS icon. Navigate to your dashboard and find your band and/or jazz class.



Viewing your Student's Financial Account in Charms:

There is a direct link to Charms in "Quick Links" on the band website.

  • Our school code is winterparkhsband
  • The Student Area Password would be a unique password that either the student or parent have set up. (If you don't know the password it can be reset by one of the band directors).
  • Once you have logged into the Student Area, click on the round, red $ symbol on the top menu bar to view your student's account
  • If your student has earned Band Account Credit (in the Miscellaneous Ledger) this credit can be transferred to pay for many band fees: Fair Share, School Instrument Maintenance, Registration Fees for All-State, All-County and Solo Ensemble.

Requesting a Credit Transfer to pay for Fixed Payments Due:

  • Click on the "Transfer Request" tab just below the round, red $ symbol. Select the fixed payment you would like to pay for using the credit. The request is sent to the band directors and the band booster treasurer.
  • SENIORS: Please check your credit balance and use it accordingly during the year. Credit for Seniors left at the end of the year can only be transferred to siblings.