Modern Day Slavery Awareness

It's a thing, and it's everywhere

What is Modern Day Slavery?

Modern Day Slavery, also known as Human Trafficking, is a modern day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation of commercial gain.

Some Facts

  1. There are more slaves today than every before
  2. There are currently about 27 million people enslaved
  3. The average cost of a slave is $90 but can be lower or higher depending on where you are
  4. The majority of slaves are in Africa and Asia, however there are still a high amount in more developed countries, such as the United States
  5. Trafficking is estimated to be a 32 billion dollar industry
  6. Over 1 million children enter the sex trade industry each year
  7. Every single minute, 2 or more children are forced into slavery
  8. Many people are scammed into becoming slaves after being offered "a job", which in reality is hard labor and constant debt.
  9. Many slaves nowadays are sex slaves
  10. Slaves are found in every country in the world
  11. An estimated 100,000 American citizens are trafficked each year as well as 18,00 to 20,000 foreigners trafficked INTO the U.S. each year


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Trafficked People


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