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May 6, 2016

Thank You

Thank you to all of you for the treats this week! From baked goods, to hand-written cards, to flowers, my heart has been so full this week! I don't tell you all enough how wonderful you are. I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful students, and that is all because of how wonderful you are as parents. It gives me so much joy to teach your children every day. Thank you for trusting me with them and allowing me to have fun with them every day! I have only been teaching for two years, but I know this class will be one that I will remember for years to come. They have all touched my heart in some way! You should all be proud to have raised such awesome kids! Thank you again for everything you have done this week for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Fort Day Fun!


To end our measurement unit, we completed a Breakout Box on Monday! The premise of the Breakout was that poor Perry Meter's brother Brutus had stolen Perry's favorite toy and locked it up nice and tight. The students had the job of unlocking the Breakout Box and getting Perry's toy out. There were four locks that the kids had to find the combinations for. They worked in groups to complete three tasks, each involving units of measuring length, mass, and capacity. Each task completed was rewarded with a puzzle piece. Once the puzzle was put together, the groups worked as a class to crack the codes on the puzzle that gave them the combinations to the locks! Unfortunately, neither class was able to complete this task in the 45 minutes that was given, but they ended up breaking into the box after that.

We started comparing fractions this week that had different denominators and numerators. We used our fraction strips to see the difference and decided that when the numerators are the same, it's very easy to tell which is larger by looking at the denominator. The opposite strategy is used when the denominator is the same! Lastly, we have been working on putting fractions on a number line. We are only focusing on fractions between 0 and 1.


We have started our circuits unit in science. This week, we focused on what a circuit is and the components to a circuit that make it work! We talked about electricity and how it flows from one end of a D-Cell (battery) to the other. The kids were able to use a battery and a copper wire to try and light up the light bulb. This took some time, and some of the students had to try several times before they got it, but we talked about the four ways it could have been done afterwards. We also worked on getting a small motor to run with our D-Cell and copper wires. This is such a fun unit and allows the kids to do hands-on activities and experiential learning.

Language Arts From Ms. Wandschneider

Reading: The students have finished their historical fiction Book Club Book this week that they read with a partner. All of the students filled out Role Sheets to guide their discussions when they met as partners on Thursdays. These discussions were filled with questions and wonderings, some predictions, and even some connections to their own lives. Now it is on to writing their script for the "Green" Screen Newscasts next week. The students are all looking forward to this tech project! Our next reading unit will be a combination of fiction and nonfiction material with the the being: weather. Our last writing project will have a weather problem in it. I can't wait!!

Writing: The last of the essays have been proofread and edited, changed again, and most have been printed. All of the students have worked hard at "polishing up" their essays on characters from children's stories, and are quite proud of their finished product. These essays, along with other reading and writing assignments will be put in their binders and sent home.


Tuesday, May 10th, 8:45am

Miss DeWitt's Room

Lion King Jr. Performance

Friday, May 13th, 9-11:15am

High School Auditorium

The middle school students at Asa Clark will be putting on the show!