Ender's Game

Written By: Orson Scott Card

New York Times Best Seller

"Card understands the human condition and has things of real value to say about it. He tells the truth well-ultimately the only criterion of greatness. Ender's Game will still be finding new readers when 99 percent of the books this year are completely forgotten." -Gene Wolfe

"A gripping tale of adventure in space and a scathing indictment of the military mind. Recommended." -Library Journal

"The games are fierce and consistently exciting. The cast... offers memorable characters... And the aliens leave an intriguing heritage to mankind." -Locus

Why does everyone LOVE Ender's Game?

Everyone is raving about the novel Ender's Game written by Orson Card. People are enjoying it because the text is captivating and excitement moves throughout the entire piece. Everyone applauds at Card and his creativity in coming up with a utopian world that's com. Everyone who picks up this book cannot put it down until they finish. Then go and share with