Ancient African Empire

Climate & Location

Ancient Ghana was located south of the Sahara,along the Niger river,A.K.A the the modern country of Mali. Also, the area seemed to be rain forest like


  • One of the two greatest African empires to start trading with other countries
  • First Africans to make iron tools and weapons
  • Conquered to create a strong, powerful empire
  • Had a ton of gold to the point where the kings of Ghana were the "richest men on Earth"

Ancient Ghana greatest succesor was Ancient Mali


Ghana became rich with gold and they also started the trading process. Muslims were the top traders with Ghana. Muslims also brought a new religion through the process of trading.
The Ghana Empire


Ghana welcomed traders with the religion of Islam but they weren't too fond of it themselves. A religious movement started,which caused wars to be fought against non-Muslims. This movement forced everyone to be Islamic in Ghana, or you would be killed. Muslims controlled Ghana for over 10 years


  • Ghana was a monarchy ruled by a king
  • Ghana's "goverment" was rich, that meant the kings of Ancient Ghana were very rich.
  • The citezens had little to no power when it came to making decisions.


  • All the people alive were Islamic due to the Religions movement
  • Most of the people that lived in Ghana ate Soups & Stew , and tons of plants/roots. For example, they ate corn, coco yam, cassava
  • The people weared "rich clothing" since the country provided for them