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The mind-body connection happens on both a physical and chemical level in the brain. The body and brain need to work in tandem for overall positive mental well-being. Learning about how they are linked may help you understand symptoms and manage them more effectively during this unsettling time.

How does it work? The brain and the body are constantly sending messages to each other. These messages tell the brain and body to make changes and adjustments to the way they are working. For example, if your eyes told your brain a car was travelling towards you at speed, it would send a very fast message to the body to step back out of harm’s way. Similarly, if your stomach was empty and your body needed fuel, your brain would listen to that message and send you in search of food. So, the mind and the body are in constant communication to keep you healthy. (https://www.kcl.ac.uk/ioppn/depts/pm/research/)

The resources below provide activities, resources, and guidance to supporting the mind, body and heart to cultivate positive well-being.

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Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, Ed.D.

Director of Student Services

Greta B. Johnston, MS, CAS

Student Services Specialist


Mind, Body, Heart for Elementary School

Mind, Body, Heart for Middle School

Mind, Body, Heart for High School


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Reaching Teens-Building Resilience in These Uncertain Times

In his latest book, Reaching Teens: Strength-based, Trauma Sensitive, Resilience-building Communications Strategies Rooted in Positive Youth Development, Dr. Ginsburg provides guidance in supporting our youth through this unsettling time.

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