A Scientific Videoconference event about how things grow!

What is the "Mystery Growth Experiment?"

This two-way interactive activity is open to Kindergarten thru 4th grade classrooms and FREE to all local GenNET Participating Districts!

  • Registered teachers/classrooms are matched with another classroom "around the planet" by TWICE.
  • Classrooms will exchange ‘mystery seeds’ of their choice via U.S. Mail. The mystery of what kinds of seeds begins at this point!
  • Classrooms ‘across the planet’ will receive their seeds in the mail and plant ‘em, name ‘em and let the growth begin under a variety of conditions.
  • Next, “mystery seeds” grow in classrooms using a variety of different methods
  • Students track the growth of each plant on worksheet charts provided by TWICE.
  • In May 2014, a live two-way interactive video-conference event will take place with partner classes to "meet the mystery plants" on both sides, report your findings and make new friends for future ITV events!

Growing plants in classrooms will be an exciting participation combining scientific, mathematical and writing skills during this collaboration!

Please note: Those who sign up to participate and matched have committed to the event. Unless an extenuating circumstance occurs, it is very difficult finding a replacement partner for connections at the last minute.

Mystery Growth Experiment Participating Schools and Preparation Info

Mystery Growth Participating Schools: Bentley Barhitte ES (1), Davison Siple ES (1), Goodrich Reid ES (3), Lake Fenton West Shore ES (2)

  • Teachers matched by TWICE received email messages by March 19, 2014 with email, telephone and U.S. Mail contact information for their partner classroom.
  • Teachers can contacted their classroom partner to determine where to send their seeds so the "mystery growth experiment" can begin soon after arrival of the seeds.

  • Click on the link below for the Mystery Growth Teacher Information Packet:

Mystery Growth Experiment Activity Timeline

March 3-12, 2014 – Registration opened and closed for schools “across the planet.”

March 17-19, 2014 – Classroom teachers emailed with their partner teacher’s contact information.

May 12-16, 2014 – Mystery Growth Experiment connections taking place.

NOTE: Teachers could choose to connect via ITV videoconference format with partner classes 1-2 additional times during March and April to track and discuss growth progress of their plants. If a decision was made to have any additional connections, it was the responsibility to set up the connection with local district technical production staff.

Technology and Media Services (TMS)

For additional information or assistance with planning for this program, contact staff at the TMS department at the Genesee ISD by telephone or via email.