Sierra Leone Roster Management

All you need to know!!

UNDP Country Offices use rosters that run on a common platform called WIDE, to keep track of a diverse group of development professionals who are willing to be considered for short-term assignments around the world. UNDP country offices make available consultants/experts to other UN agencies, national government counterparts, and international partners.

Sierra Leone Expert Roster has been built on the above guideline with the main focus on leadership development and capacity building in the public sector across Sierra Leone. We currently have 54 selected experts from 113 applications and more than 40 identified expertise and skill areas.

Advantages of using the Roster

Two-way Expert Classification
Search by skills and/or areas of expertise
Quality Control
Allows for pre-screening of candidates
Stores and enables sharing of recommendations and performance tracking information
Standardized Approach
Provides a standard and comprehensive format for collecting data
Time Saving
* Experts maintain their own records
* Pre-screened experts can be hired much quicker than regular hiring process
Simple and User Friendly Interfaces
* Simple and user-friendly online tool
Easy Access
* Roster can be used anytime, anywhere
* Internet based application, no software installation required
Preserves Knowledge
* Ensures that experts and contacts are recorded and are not lost when a staff member leaves or is inaccessible.
Corporate Helpdesk Support
* Prompt response to technical queries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Roster?


Q. What is WIDE?


What kind of experts are we talking about?

What expertise areas and skills are part of Sierra Leone Roster?

How can I access the Roster?

What does RMD stand for?

Who is a Roster Manager?

Can I register as an expert?

Can I invite my friends to be a part of this roster?

I can see various ‘positions’ in the drop-down menu on the top left hand corner of RMD, what do they mean?

How do I search for profiles?

What is a Work list?

What is the meaning of vetted, active and non-active experts?

So what changes with this roster in place?

I need an expert starting in 2 weeks; can I hire someone through this roster?

Does the Procurement team help me in getting the contract finalized?

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