Bronco Chronicles

Volume 25, Week 3/20- 3/24

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood evening #BroncoStrong faculty and staff. The twenty-eighth week is well underway after having a wonderful spring break to spend with our families. Teachers are working hard to inspire learning everyday. In addition, teachers and students are diligently preparing for our first round of STAAR tests, which will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't forget, STAAR security training will take place on 3/22 at 7am and again at 4pm in room 1.

Now, get out there and ignite your shine!

#BroncoStrong #BroncoNation

To Do List / Upcoming Events

1. 3/22 attend STAAR testing training (either 7am or 4pm)

2. 3/22, School Board Meeting

3. 3/24, Bronco Track Team travels to Eastland

4. TELPAS writing samples for each CORE subject are DUE by 3/23. Please make sure they are turned in to Mary Beth. Please make sure the student's name and the date is on the sample.

5. 3/28, Tuesday, STAAR 7th Writing Test & STAAR 8th Math Test

6. 3/29, Wednesday, STAAR 8th Reading Test

In the last volume, the JH photo was of Mrs. Etzel. Mrs. Bay guessed correctly!

Who's that baby??

Tobacco Free Kids Day at BJHS will be on 3/24/2017

1. Wear green if you are making a pledge.

2. Choose a cutout in the main hall and write your tobacco free pledge on the cut out. Make sure you use the hashtags #bethechange #kickbutts (talk to the office about making your pledge between classes on Thursday and Friday)


Tobacco Use is a Tremendous Burden to All Texans

1. Approximately 24,000 adults die of a smoking-attributable illness annually in Texas. That is more than die from AIDS, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents, fire and murder combined!

2. Secondhand smoke contains a complex mixture of over 4,000 chemicals, more than 50 of which are cancer-causing agents [carcinogens].

3. IN 1999, tobacco-related disease cost the state approximately $10 billion [$4.5 billion in direct medical costs and an additional $5.5 billion in lost worker productivity.]

4. Secondhand smoke is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer and coronary heart disease in non-smoking adults.

5. 1200 people die every day in the U.S. from tobacco related deaths!
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Principal for the Day Book Challenge Winner

Beginning on 2/25, students were challenged to read The Giver. The winner of the challenge was Gavyn W. He read the book, took the AR test and completed a book interview with Mrs. Etzel.

On 3/21/17, Gavyn was principal for a day! He did a fabulous job and said, "If I was in education I would rather be a teacher." Hmmmmmm????? Regardless, he did an excellent job and Mrs. Etzel expects great things from him in all his future endeavors.

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