The Drones

Our future is in the hands of drones.

This report talks about one of the technologies that stand out and attract the most attention of all in recent years. Are called drones, unmanned small flying machines that can be controlled remotely.

Developed and put into service few years ago, the drones can be used in countless tasks that humans can't or doesn't want to make, or simply too dangerous exploration or toxic waste cleanup, and otherwise, to military purposes.

Everybody knows that all of these new technologies, like the drones, give us some positive effects to do routine tasks more easily and efficiently, and also the tasks that human can't do by itself.

One advantage of drones is that they are very useful for fire control, geology, agriculture, construction and also to control traffic in large cities.

We must take into account that are very economical, because while are used they don't need fuel and don't endanger the lives of the people who piloted, and also because the value of a drone is 60 times lower than a helicopter.

However, they aren't only used for dangerous operations, but also for leisure (photography, videos ..).

Unfortunately, they are also used for criminal activities, for example, when a drone with a radioactive liquid were found on a balcony of a government building in Tokyo.

Another disadvantage is that anyone with money and with the necessary knowledge, can use it as he or she wants.

To conclude, I would recommend them, because these new flying machines can help us in different areas, for example, as much in the family and in the work.

With a correct use, we can get benefits.

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